Valorant New Emberclad Skin Bundle: Release Date, Prices & More

Valorant’s new Emberclad skin bundle has been leaked by dataminers. This premium bundle seems to draw inspiration from Elderflame and Reaver, and will likely feature five weapons, including a War Hammer melee.

The Emberclad bundle will include weapon skins for Emberclad Melee War Hammer, Emberclad Frenzy, Emberclad Phantom, Emberclad Bulldog, and Emberclad Spectre. The black metallic weapons showcase small spikes and glowing hot ember effects, giving them a unique and sinister look reminiscent of Skyrim’s Daedric Armor.

Emberclad is set to deliver on both visual and audio fronts. Eliminating enemies may trigger flaming effects, and the audio could potentially involve unique sounds when inspecting or scoring kills.

 As a premium collection, Emberclad skins will likely cost around 1775 VP per gun and the melee upwards of 3550 VP. The full bundle is expected to be approximately 7100 VP, or $82.

While no official release date has been announced yet for Emberclad, it is speculated to arrive within the next few months of 2024, following the update of the 8.01 Patch.

The Emberclad skin bundle is an exciting addition to Valorant, offering players new ways to customize their weapons with unique visuals and sound effects. Keep an eye out for its official release in the coming months!

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