Valorant New Kuronami Skin Bundle: Release Date, Weapons & Pricing

Valorant’s Episode 8 is set to introduce the Kuronami skin bundle. This new addition features unique animations, sounds, and finishers for five popular weapons in the game.

The Kuronami skin bundle includes a melee, Sheriff, Marshal, Spectre, and Vandal. Each weapon comes with unique animations, sound effects, and a new finisher that transforms your enemy into a giant ball of water and alters the map’s weather.

Screenshots of all the weapons in the Kuronami skin bundle are available, providing players with a sneak peek of the Kuronami Knife, Sheriff, Marshal, Spectre, and Vandal.

The Kuronami skin bundle is part of Valorant’s premium skin sets. The entire bundle costs 9500 VP, roughly $95 depending on your region. Individual weapon prices are higher, with the bundle price at 9,500 VP, price per skin at 2375 VP, and melee price at 5350 VP.

The Kuronami skin bundle is set to launch with Valorant’s Episode 8 Act 1 on January 8th. The skins will be available in the shop once the game is patched and Episode 8 begins.

The Kuronami skin bundle, while expensive, offers unique skins that many players are likely to purchase as soon as they appear in the shop.

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