Valorant New Primordium Skin Bundle: Release Date, Weapons & Pricing

The latest addition to Valorant’s skin bundles is the Primordium bundle. This bundle is set to release with Valorant’s Episode 8 Act 2 and is themed around primordial flames.

The Primordium bundle includes skins for five different weapons: Melee, Vandal, Phantom, Spectre, and Shorty. Each skin comes with unique sound and visual effects, and there are different color variants (Green, Blue & Gold) that can be unlocked using Radianite points.

The bundle also includes a player card, gun buddy, and spray. These can be showcased inside and outside of matches. A unique finisher is also part of the bundle, which opens up a portal to another high-temperature dimension.

The Primordium bundle is a premium offering in Valorant. The entire bundle costs 8,700 VP (approximately $90). Individual skins are priced at 2,175 VP each, with the Melee skin costing 4,350 VP. Additional items like the spray, player card, and gun buddy are priced at 325 VP, 375 VP, and 475 VP respectively.

The Primordium skin bundle is set to launch on March 5th, alongside Valorant’s Episode 8 Act 2. It will be available in the shop after the game update following server maintenance.

While Valorant’s cosmetics tend to be pricey, the unique visual and sound effects they provide are some of the best in terms of microtransactions. The Primordium bundle, with its unique theme and features, is no exception

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