Valorant New XERØFANG Skin Bundle: Release Date, Weapons & Pricing

The newest Valorant skin bundle, XERØFANG, has been revealed. Developed by Riot Games in celebration of the annual Chinese New Year, the bundle is themed around the ‘Year of the Dragon’. It features a few different weapons with a wide array of color variants, unique sounds, and animations.

The XERØFANG skin bundle features skins for the Vandal, Ghost, and Knife. It also includes gun buddies, player cards, and other accessories. The skins are part of the ‘Premium’ collection and have different upgrades and variants that can be unlocked using Radianite.

The upgrades for the new XERØFANG skin bundle include new firing sounds & visual effects, equip, firing, reload and inspect animations, and a new kill sound and finisher. The variants include Black, Pink, and Teal.

The full XERØFANG bundle is expected to cost 6,355 VP, which is around $60 to $70 depending on your region and the RP bundle you decide to purchase. Buying these skins individually will increase the overall price. The pricing is based on leaked information and might not be entirely accurate.

The new Valorant XEROFANG skin bundle is set to release alongside Patch 8.02 on February 6th, 2024. The skins will be available in the in-game shop once the update has launched.

The XEROFANG skin bundle in Valorant offers many different upgrades and variants, providing unique effects, finishers, and sounds. It’s definitely going to take a long time before players get tired of its unique features.

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