World of Warcraft X Fortnite Crossover Hinted By New Leaks

By- Alex

A rumor suggests that World of Warcraft (WoW) and Fortnite are working on a crossover collaboration.

References to Fortnite appeared in WoW's 10.1.7 PTR patch, indicating the presence of eight spells inspired by Fortnite.

 Wowhead discovered these references, including spells like Glug Jug that restores full health and The Storm, which deals nature damage.

The spells in WoW referencing Fortnite's items and mechanics are a clever nod to the battle royale game.

The exact details of the WoW x Fortnite crossover, such as how it will manifest in the game, are currently unknown.

World of Warcraft is approaching its 19th anniversary, while Fortnite is in Chapter 4: Season 3, adding to the anticipation of this potential collaboration.

The crossover between WoW and Fortnite brings together two games from different genres, promising a new and potentially enjoyable experience for players.