Xbox Handheld Device May Be in the Works at Microsoft

Microsoft may have a brand new Xbox gaming handheld device under development, according to the latest rumor

Well-known insider Tom Henderson hinted at the existence of an Xbox gaming handheld device on Twitter, in response to The Verge’s Tom Warren.

Warren’s ideal Xbox handheld would have the Xbox OS and UI, grant access to the existing lineup of Xbox games, and even PC games with Windows at the back-end.

Warren pointed out that Microsoft has the technology to build an Xbox handheld device similar to the Steam Deck

While the idea of an Xbox handheld that can run your existing library of games is enticing, these are still rumors and speculation until there is confirmation via official channels

It was previously reported that the new insider system update for Xbox offers additional network optimizations and that Microsoft may be looking to bring an overhaul to Xbox Achievements in a future system update sometime this year

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