Xbox Might Be Developing a Handheld Gaming Device - Rumour

An insider has claimed that Xbox is working on a new handheld device, following recent news that PlayStation is working on a similar product.

Recently, an insider claimed that PlayStation is in the early stages of developing a new handheld gaming product. It’s rumored to be a non-streaming device that will natively support PlayStation 4 games and some PlayStation 5 games that receive a special patch.

Established insider Jez Corden responded to a tweet from fellow insider Tom Henderson, who was explaining that Xbox is likely pursuing a handheld device as well after the recent PlayStation news. Corden responded with a simple, “They are.”

Asus recently confirmed that its successor to the ROG Ally handheld gaming system will release later this year. The first ROG Ally’s base version, which released last year, costs $599 and is a more pricey competitor to the Steam Deck.

PlayStation released the PlayStation Portal in 2023, which allows PlayStation 5 owners to stream their games to the handheld device when on their home network. The $199 dollar gadget has proven to be a hit and routinely sells out shortly after being restocked.

There are an assortment of handheld gaming devices priced under $75. These devices will be very limited compared to their higher-end counterparts, but they can be treated like modern Game Boys to enjoy classic video games.

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