XDefiant  Best Guns and Weapon Tier List 

By- Alex

Selecting the right weapons is crucial for success in the fast-paced shooter XDefiant.

The S Tier includes M16A4, TAC-50, and M4A1 as the top-ranked weapons.

The A Tier consists of Vector .45 ACP, AK-47, AA-12, MP7, and RPK-74.

The B Tier includes SVD, ACR 6.8, M44, M249, M870, and P90.

The C Tier consists of MK 20 SSR, M60, MP5A2, and Double Barrel.

The M16A4 is a burst-fire weapon known for stability and precision, effective for eliminating enemies in intense firefights.

The M4A1 is a well-balanced assault rifle favored by players due to its versatility, precision, range, and manageable recoil.

The Vector .45 ACP excels in close-range battles with its high rate of fire, making it effective in dominating enemies in close-quarters combat.

The AK-47 is a high-damage assault rifle that requires recoil control but offers impressive firepower and range, making it a top-tier choice for experienced players.