Best XDefiant Weapon Loadouts

By- Alex

Each loadout in XDefiant is tailored for specific weapons, providing advantages in different game modes and scenarios.

Best M4A1  Loadout: This loadout  includes attachments like the Brake muzzle, Angled front rail, Reflex optics, Quick Mag magazine, and Quick Draw rear grip for improved stability, aiming speed, and reload time

The ACR 6.8 loadout features the Barrel Extender muzzle, Recon barrel, Handstop front rail, Reflex optics, Quick Mag magazine, and Heavy Grip rear grip for extended range, reduced recoil, and improved handling.

The M60 loadout includes the Muzzle Booster muzzle, Rapid Fire barrel, Vertical front rail, Reflex optics, Fast Mag magazine, and provides increased fire rate and faster reload times for this powerful LMG.

This loadout for the MP5A2 SMG incorporates the Superlight front rail, Reflex optics, Quick Mag magazine, Lightweight Grip rear grip, and removes the stock for improved mobility and quick aiming.

The MP7 loadout focuses on the Tactical front rail, Reflex optics, Quick Mag magazine, Grip Tape rear grip, and Padded stock for enhanced handling, accuracy, and stability

The TAC-50 loadout includes the Stabilizing barrel, a choice between Sniper Scope or Variable Scope optics, Quick Mag magazine, Fabric rear grip, and Reinforced stock for improved stability and precision for long-range sniping

These recommended loadouts have been tested and endorsed by experienced players in XDefiant

By using these loadouts, you can optimize your performance, increase your chances of securing kills, and contribute to your team's success in XDefiant.