Starfield Digipicks: Easy ways to find and use Digipicks in Starfield


Are you looking for an easy way to find and use Digipicks in Starfield? Check out our Starfield Digipicks guide! We provide clear and simple instructions on how to locate and utilize Digipicks within Starfield.

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Starfield Digipicks: Where to find Digipicks in Starfield

In Starfield, you use digipicks to open locked doors. Some digipicks are tricky to find, but they’re crucial for unlocking stuff.

The lockpicking in Starfield is different from games like Fallout and Skyrim. It’s not just about moving a pick around in a circle. There’s more to it now. You should check this Starfield Digipicks guide for help. It tells you which skills to choose to make lockpicking easier and what rewards you’ll get from different locked doors.

Where to get Starfield Digipicks

You can find Starfield digipicks quite easily. You’ll first get them from Dr. Hayden Wynn, a Xenobiologist you come across. After that, you can find more digipicks and use them in a puzzle soon after. So, they’re not rare, and you’ll have plenty to use as you play the game.

You can find digipicks in different ways, from living or dead characters. If you want a lockpick set, you can simply buy one at a general store for 35 credits. For example, you can find them at the Mercantile Shop in New Atlantis.

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You can find digipicks in Starfield in many different ways.
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If you’ve got the Theft skill from your Starfield background, you can pickpocket digipicks from others. You can also find them on dead bodies, like at the beginning of the game. The important thing is that all these digipicks work the same way. 

Also, consider improving your “Security Skill” to open advanced locks and even get automatic unlock if you don’t like lockpicking in Starfield.

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How to use Starfield Digipicks to unlock the doors?

Moreover, you may also need to learn to use Starfield Digipicks, and it’s very easy. Not all locks can be opened with a Digipick right away. Locks have different levels of difficulty, so you need to improve your Security skills to pick tougher ones. 

When you attempt to pick a lock, a new screen appears with circles inside each other, some parts missing, and the lock’s difficulty shown. There are dashes and small circles on the right side, representing digits. 

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Not all locks can be opened with a Digipick right away.

You must figure out which ones fit into the lock correctly. When you cover all openings in one circle, it disappears, revealing the next layer. Complete each layer to successfully unlock the door.

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