Starfield Items: Where to sell items in Starfield to earn extra credits?


To earn profit and extra credits, it is important to the prime locations to sell items in Starfield and amass extra credits for your interstellar journey.

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Starfield Items: Where to sell items in Starfield to earn extra credits?

In Starfield, you earn Credits by doing missions and activities. But sometimes, it’s not enough for all your needs. So, selling extra stuff is a great way to get more Credits. You can sell rare items you don’t need and all the extra loot you find. Selling is easy, but finding the right place can be tricky at first. This article will teach you how and where to sell items in Starfield to make quick Credits.

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Where to Sell Items in Starfield?

Selling items in Starfield is done by finding vendors who will buy what you have. To do this, go to the Buy menu and press LB on Xbox or Q on PC to switch to the Sell menu. Press it again to move items from your inventory to your ship’s cargo.

Vendors and merchants are scattered across the universe, and general merchants are your first choice for selling almost anything. However, if you have stolen or illegal items, visit a Trade Authority kiosk. They are usually near where you land, but they offer fewer credits for your items compared to larger shops.

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To sell stolen or illegal items, players need to visit a Trade Authority kiosk.

Sadly, you can’t sell items in Starfield directly from your companions’ inventory. You’ll have to manually transfer what you want to sell from them.

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