Adin Ross Claims Cameo in GTA 6 & Possible Story Leak from Rockstar Employee


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Adin Ross Claims Cameo in GTA 6 & Possible Story Leak from Rockstar Employee

Rockstar just released the trailer for GTA 6, and it’s got a lot of exciting stuff. We see Vice City, a new main character named Lucia, and a glimpse of the game’s story. But here’s the twist: a popular streamer, Adin Ross, says he’s making a cameo in the game and will be in the second trailer.

What’s even more interesting is that during a past Adin Ross’ Livestream, a person allegedly from Rockstar, who works on the game, might have accidentally spilled some details about the story of GTA 6. And guess what? The things they said match up with what we saw in the trailer. Let’s dive into the details.

Adin Ross Cameo in GTA 6

Adin David Ross is a streamer from the U.S. who plays video games and shares them online. He’s famous for playing NBA 2K and Grand Theft Auto V, and he often teams up with famous people. 

This controversial Kick streamer revealed on Twitter that he had been cast in Grand Theft Auto 6 shortly after the game’s trailer debuted. He claimed that he was unable to discuss it further and promised that GTA 6 viewers would see him in the next teaser. Adin Ross also expressed gratitude to Rockstar Games for giving him the chance to work on “the greatest game ever.”

Following his statement, Adin Ross received a range of reactions, with many accusing him of lying about his casting in Grand Theft Auto 6. Some, meanwhile, expressed joy and congratulated him on reaching the milestone. However, it’s crucial to remember that Rockstar hasn’t commented on any major cameos in Grand Theft Auto 6 or even validated Ross’ claims.

GTA 6 Story was leaked Months ago?

Additionally, sometime back, Ross had someone on his Kick stream who said they worked for Rockstar and spilled details about the GTA 6 story. Now that the trailer is out, some of what they said matches what Rockstar showed us. 

The person claiming to be a Rockstar employee shared that Lucia is the main character in the game and she will be in prison at some point. Since Lucia is prominently featured in the trailer, we can assume she will be the central focus. Moreover, in the trailer, Lucia is seen in prison clothes, talking to a parole officer.

According to them (supposedly an employee from Rockstar), Lucia will have a child and leave the child at a deli because she plans to participate in a bank robbery. Subsequently, Lucia gets caught and ends up in jail.

Despite complaints about having a female character, the person (supposedly from Rockstar) allows the information to be shared. But what’s interesting is that the same claim was made by someone on Reddit a few months back. However, this info doesn’t match the official trailer, so it’s not very reliable. 

All-in-all we should be cautious and take it with a grain of salt, as the leaker’s identity and connection to Rockstar Games are not confirmed. If the leak is accurate, it could also impact the leaker’s relationship with the game company. Or this might be the company’s marketing strategy to create hype for the game, who knows.

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