GTA 6 Lucia: Who is Lucia, the new protagonist in GTA 6?


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Rockstar Games showed us the new GTA 6 game, and we got a good look at the main character. Right now, it seems like the game will have only one main character, even though we thought it might have two like GTA 5.

Now, let’s talk about Lucia in GTA 6. In the leaks from about a year ago, people said Lucia would be joined by someone named ‘Jason.’ Before, we thought they might be brother and sister, but things have changed. In the trailer, the main protagonist of GTA 6 and the guy with her seem too friendly to be siblings, unless Rockstar has some surprising plan. We might see more of the guy in another trailer, but Lucia is the main character for now. So, who is Lucia in GTA 6? Let’s find out.

Who is Lucia in GTA 6?

GTA 6 was shown in a trailer video that lasted only one minute and thirty seconds. The video revealed much about the game, like the new map and where it fits in the GTA story. People are guessing a lot about what happens in the trailer, but there are also some things we know for sure like Lucia in GTA 6.

When we first see Lucia, she is meeting with a parole officer who is dressed like a prisoner. She may or may not be a reformed ex-convict in the overall story, however, it’s unclear if this is a part of her introduction in Grand Theft Auto 6 or a flashback storyline.

She seems to be in a relationship with the mysterious male protagonist of the game, and whatever moral compass she may have, it centers on trust. The pair can be seen dodging police, stealing money, and breaking into convenience stores. And, considering the antics she gets into later in the trailer, it makes sense.

Also, at the beginning of the trailer, we see her getting out of jail and saying it was just “bad luck” that got her in there. It seems like she’s not too bothered by being in trouble with the law, and she’s cool with the criminal life, as we see later in the trailer.

Lucia is a big deal because she’s the first female main character in Grand Theft Auto since the first game came out in 1997. She’s a Latin-American woman in her mid-twenties.

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As the video goes on, Lucia shows off her skills with weapons, drives fast, robs stores, and even gets famous on social media. She looks like a competent main character. Some people wonder if we need another main character because Lucia seems so awesome.

Well, Rockstar hasn’t told us much about Lucia in GTA 6, like who speaks her lines and more about what she does in the game. But the trailer got fans excited and wondering, and they’re hoping Rockstar will share more details about this main protagonist and her important part in the game soon.

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