Starfield Religions: All 4 new religions explained


Dive into the fascinating world of Starfield religions as we delve into the details of all the new belief systems introduced in the game.

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Starfield Religions: All 4 new religions explained

Bethesda Softworks’ upcoming game offers a vast array of fascinating worlds and cities waiting to be explored in the depths of outer space. Along with the areas, Starfield introduces various religions that not only enrich the game’s lore but also provide both players and NPCs with deeply rooted beliefs to hold onto.

If you’re intrigued by the societal variations within Starfield as seen through the lens of these Starfield religions, we’re here to provide you with all the insights that have been revealed thus far.

Starfield Religions

In Starfield, you will encounter three distinct religions: Sanctum Universum, The Enlightened, and House Va’runn. Each of these Starfield religions holds vastly differing beliefs, ensuring encounters with fervent adherents and characters who possess intense perspectives on the boundless universe of Starfield.

Not only the basic difference but these Starfield religions also have variants in Traits buff and debuff.

Starfield ReligionTrait BuffTrait Debuff
The EnlightenedDiscounts at the business storeUnavailability of the Sanctum Universum store
House Va’ruunGrav leaping enhances health and endurance momentarily.Stats drop if you don’t routinely jump.
Sanctum UniversumSubstantial savings in the church storeNo access to the Enlightened shop

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Details of Every Starfield Religion

While Starfield acknowledges the presence of real-world religions, let’s focus on the unique realms of each new Starfield religion.

Starfield religion: House Va’runn

Joining House Va’runn involves worshipping the ‘Great Serpent.’ There’s no confusion here; the religion centers on the notion of a colossal, universe-encompassing snake that will eventually consume the universe and everything within it.

Although the authenticity of this belief remains uncertain, there’s a prospect that those not devoted to the serpent might eventually fall victim to its seemingly insatiable appetite.

In the Q&A, the developers acknowledge that most of the information about the religion is rumors. They share a story about House Va’ruun in which a colony guard claims that one of the passengers asserted they had spoken to a celestial being known as “The Great Serpent” while grav-jumping and that their conversation seemed to last much longer than it did for the other passengers. “Get onboard, or be devoured when the Great Serpent encircles the universe,” the passenger issued a warning to the guard.

Starfield religion: The Enlightened

Unlike the concept of a supreme ruler or an indomitable entity, Enlightened followers emphasize harmonious relationships and cooperative endeavors. They firmly advocate for mutual care and expect reciprocity, with the promise of eventual rewards from the world for those who embrace this philosophy.

starfield religions, all starfield religions, starfield religions list, starfield religions buffs and debuffs, starfield religions traits, starfield sanctum universum, starfield enlightened, house starfield va'runn

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Starfield religion: Sanctum Universum

In contrast to giant serpents or the concept of goodwill, the followers of Sanctum Universum hold the belief in a god. The exact nature or appearance of this deity remains unclear, yet its existence within the galaxy is acknowledged.

The freedom to travel across the universe grants devout followers of Sanctum Universum the opportunity to explore, fueled by the hope of encountering their deity.

Other Starfield Religions

While certain genuine religions from our world find a place in Starfield, the game’s emphasis primarily lies on the fictional religions outlined above. Christianity and Hinduism are acknowledged as part of Starfield’s storyline but are not the main focus. The development team clarified that they “don’t focus on them.” The primary attention remains on the three distinct Starfield religions introduced earlier.

So, you might encounter characters following other real-world belief systems, but immersing yourself in the Starfield universe presents a unique opportunity to explore new religious facets rather than rehashing familiar concepts.

starfield religions, all starfield religions, starfield religions list, starfield religions buffs and debuffs, starfield religions traits, starfield sanctum universum, starfield enlightened, house starfield va'runn

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Participation in Starfield Religions

For those wondering “How can you join religions?” the answer is simple. Character creation in Starfield allows you to align with one of the three religions by selecting it as a trait. However, it’s important to note that you can only choose one religion as your trait, preventing simultaneous involvement in multiple faiths.

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