Apex Legends Sun Squad Collection event: release date, skins, Ash heirloom in Season 16, more


Apex Legends Sun Squad event details have been revealed and players will be getting lots of new skins along with Ash heirloom in this collection event.

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Apex Legends Sun Squad Collection event

Apex Legends, the free-to-play battle royale-hero shooter game, developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, has risen to fame and popularity pretty fast since its release back in 2019. It has come to be one of the best titles in its category and is a must-play for every fan of video games.

A really important factor in the success of this game is that the developers are constantly working on it, always keeping it fresh and exciting with new content, be it events, updates, or anything else of that sort. And one of the upcoming content that Respawn has planned for us in Apex Legends is the Sun Squad Collection event.

Check out all the details on Apex Legends Sun Squad Collection event including its skins, heirloom, release date, price, and more below.

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Apex Legends Sun Squad Collection event

The Apex Legends Sun Squad Collection event is where new items like skins for various Legends will get released. Ahead of its release, developers have revealed to us what will await us in this event, which is, in short, skins based on a beach theme.

As mentioned, the developers are always looking for ways to keep this live service title from becoming stagnant. Events such as these add spice to the game for the fans by introducing heirlooms and new cosmetic items to the title.

Now among all the events that take place in Apex Legends, these events, called collection events, usually sport heirlooms for one particular Legend. And from what we know, the Sun Squad Collection event is going to include a new Heirloom for Ash.

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Apex Legends Sun Squad Collection Event Skins

This Apex Sun Squad Collection event skins will enable lots of Legends to get a beachy theme or swimwear-themed outfits.

This Apex Legends Sun Squad event skins have the outfits for the following Legends:

  • Mirage (Legendary skin)
  • Loba (Legendary skin)
  • Ash (Legendary skin)
  • Newcastle (Legendary skin)
  • Catalyst (Legendary Legendary skin)
  • Bangalore (Epic skin)
  • Mad Maggie (Epic skin)
  • Fuse (Epic skin)

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Apex Legends will feature the following weapon skins in the Sun Squad Collection event:

  • Wingman
  • Havoc
  • Flatline
  • Peacekeeper
  • Rampage
  • Charge Rifle

Ash Heirloom: “Strongest Link” Sun Squad Collection event

The new collection event has launched and players may unlock a new heirloom for Ash dubbed ‘Strongest Link’ by collecting all 24 cosmetics in the event.

But unlike the previous two events, Respawn won’t be giving out two free Thematic Packs through the free rewards track, and players won’t get a discount when building things. Instead, if you want Ash’s Heirloom Sword, you’ll have to craft the complete collection yourself or pay full price for it.

Apex Legends Sun Squad Event: Heatwave Game mode

Sun Squad Collection Event contains a new limited-time mode called Heatwave, which introduces periodic heat waves that will hurt players that are outside. This implies that players will suffer harm only for being outside the ring, or for being in direct sunlight.

As a result, popular areas of interest may be deserted and most fights are likely to occur indoors or at close range. To avoid the mayhem, this might be a good time for players to hone their sniping techniques at the Firing Range.

Although they are officially allowed to walk outside, players must locate shade as soon as they can to avoid getting burned. There are also some additional methods to cool down: Sliding will keep legends from overheating while rotating toward the new POI.

Also, Heat Shield is another option. Heat Shields are much larger than usual in Heatwave battles, but the drawback is that they are quickly damaged in the sun and don’t last nearly as long as usual.

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Apex Legends Sun Squad Collection Event release date

Tuesday, March 28, 2023, has been announced as the official Apex Legends Sun Squad Collection event release date.

Players will get to take part in the event at:

  • 10 am PT
  • 1 pm ET
  • 6 pm GMT

And that is all that we know at the moment about the upcoming Apex Legends Sun Squad Collection event. Be sure to tune in when it releases because this one is going to be super creative and interesting.

We will update you with the new information, so keep following Gamevro.

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