Valorant Gekko: Agent 22 abilities, release date, and leaks


Valorant Gekko or Agent 22 is the next main character to show up in the game, and leaks and developers have already revealed some interesting insights about him.

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Valorant Gekko, Agent 22 has been revealed officially

Valorant, the free-to-play first-person hero shooter developed and published by Riot Games, has seen success the like of which not many have experienced. Apart from being an awesome game, there is a constant emphasis on updating the content and adding new features.

Agents are one of the elements that are given the most attention in the entire game. In this post, we will be discussing everything the leaks and devs reveal about the latest Agent to join the roster in-game – Valorant Gekko.

The last Agent to be added to the roster was Harbor, who is a charming Controller. Anticipating the eventual draining of excitement around a new character, Riot is poised to release Valorant Gekko – Agent 22 in the game soon. Let us see what this Agent 22 is all about.

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Valorant Gekko abilities

Previously we had some leaks on Valorant Agent 22’s abilities. However, now Riot has officially revealed all the details on the Gekko abilities, along with the gameplay footage of this ew Valorant character.

  • Gekko Ability: Mosh Pit: FIRE to throw Mosh like a grenade or ALT Fire to throw underhand. After landing, Mosh Duplicates across an area and explodes after a short delay.
  • Gekko Ability: Wingman (Q): FIRE to send Wingman forward looking for enemies. If an enemy is found, Wingman fires a concussive blast in a triangular shape at the first enemy seen. ALT FIRE when looking at Site or Planted Spike to Plant (You must have the spike) or Defuse the Spike. Wingman can be destroyed by other players while planting or defusing the spike. When Wingman Expires, he turns into a glob that can be picked up to be used again after a short cooldown.
  • Gekko Ability: Dizzy (E): FIRE to send Dizzy forward into the air. Dizzy charges up and sends out beams at enemies in their line of sight. When enemies are hit, they are blinded. When Dizzy Expires, they turn into a glob that can be picked up to be used again after a short cooldown.
  • Gekko Ultimate: Thrash (X): FIRE to control & link with Thrash to steer her. FIRE while in the Ultimate to lunge forward and explode, detaining any enemies within their radius. When Thrash Expires, she turns into a glob that can be picked up to be used again after a short cooldown. Thrash can only be reclaimed ONCE.

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Valorant Gekko gameplay

Well, not exactly a Gekko gameplay footage, but Riot did drop Valorant Gekko Agent Reveal Trailer, which informed us about Gekko’s personality in the game and his connection with other characters.

The official description of Valorant Agent Gekko trailer read, “Meet Dizzy, Wingman, Thrash, and Mosh—a crew of calamitous creatures headed up by Los Angeles-native Gekko, all joining VALORANT with EP_06 // ACT II.”

Valorant Gekko Release date

We don’t have much information in this regard. But from previous patterns, Valorant Gekko is probably going to be released with the release of Episode 6 Act 2, which is set to happen on March 7th, 2023. And that is quite closer than expected.

We are currently at the beginning phases of Episode 6 Act 2, the teaser of which dropped recently. Given that Riot Games has always been consistent with adding new content to this game and that the Episode 6 Act 1 battle pass expires the day before on March 6th, it is possible to infer this release date.

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Valorant Gekko Codename

The first thing leaks and rumors brought to us is the codename of this mysterious character Valorant Gekko. ValorLeaks told us that internally, Gekko goes around with the tag of Valorant SmokeDancer. A simple name in appearance but with many possible overtones.

Based on the codename, SmokeDancer seemed to be a Controller Agent. Yet, given that Harbor was the final Controller Agent, it seemed doubtful that Riot Games will release two Agents in the same role back to back.

However, Riot has now revealed that Gekko is a small initiator from Spain. Gekko is shown in the artwork as a young adult wearing green-colored attire and sporting short, yellow-dyed hair. Also, he appears to be surrounded by a number of little creatures, however, it is unknown how they relate to him and whether or not they play a significant role in shaping his persona.

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We will update you with the new information, so keep following Gamevro.

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