Apex Legends Revenant Reborn: teasers, abilities, lore, and release date of reworked legend in Season 18


Get ready for a terrifying resurrection as “Revenant Reborn” in Apex Legends Season 18 is revealed through leaks. This redesigned legend returns with tantalizing teasers, updated abilities, fascinating lore, and an exciting release date.

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Apex Legends Revenant Reborn: the Sinister Legend will be reworked in Season 18

Apex Legends fans have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of Revenant Reborn, a complete re-imagination of the enigmatic and sinister Legend, Revenant.

While Revenant has been considered one of the weaker characters in the game, Respawn Entertainment aims to breathe new life into the character with this major update. Leakers and data miners have been hinting at the changes for months, and now we have more concrete information about what players can expect in the upcoming Season 18.

In this article, we’ll delve into all the details surrounding Apex Legends Revenant Reborn and what it means for the game.

Who is Revenant Reborn in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends Revenant Reborn marks a significant departure from the current version of Revenant. The developer is reworking the character entirely, giving him a fresh new identity according to the leaks.

Leakers have revealed that playtesters have been actively involved in shaping Revenant Reborn, suggesting that Respawn Entertainment is keen on delivering a more polished and engaging experience for players.

Thordan Smash has made note of this on a few occasions, claiming to have spoken with playtesters who have given him the character’s lowdown. “There is a character select where they are getting a unique Revenant whose Ultimate is a one-on-one fight in the void with whoever it hits,” he explained. As it does match with the ultimate wall-running, our current theory is that this will be the shadow Revenant from the Halloween mode.

Revenant Reborn Teasers: Connection Between Loba and Revenant

Loba and Revenant’s stories have long been intertwined in Apex Legends lore and a new trailer seems to be hinting at Revenant Reborn’s arrival.

The Kill Code cinematic released on July 20th showcased their encounter as Loba infiltrated a base alongside Lifeline and Mad Maggie. During the mission, Loba discovered a mysterious item that bears a striking resemblance to Revenant.

Although it’s not yet apparent what she found exactly, Revenant’s chilly, mechanical design and blood-red LED lights are present in the object she discovered.

Additionally, the Neon Network Collection Event trailer featured a quick cameo from Revenant, further fueling speculation about his impending release in Season 18.

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Revenant Reborn Abilities: Reworked Kit

According to reliable leakers and data miners, Revenant Reborn will undergo a major overhaul of his abilities. The new abilities are rumored to be as follows:

  1. Passive: Revenant’s current climbing passive will remain, but he’ll gain an additional ability to highlight low-health enemies. This addition should enhance Revenant’s strategic capabilities in combat.
  2. Tactical: The current “Silence” ability may be replaced with a new ability called “Super Jump,” allowing Revenant to leap to a targeted location, potentially reaching enemies with ease. This tactical bears similarities to Vantage’s tactical ability, adding versatility to Revenant’s toolkit.
  3. Ultimate: Revenant will retain his Totem ultimate, but instead of turning himself and his teammates into shadows, they will receive health and shield regeneration when they knock down or eliminate enemies. This revamped ultimate should offer greater survivability for Revenant and his squad in intense battles.

According to rumors, the character’s tactical abilities include a forcefield that pushes foes away and the ability to teleport using a Sling Shot. The wall-running skill is reported to be the passive ability of the character. One-on-one matches similar to Call of Duty’s Gulag as the ultimate have been mentioned a few times and appear to have been playtested so that looks more likely now.

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Revenant Reborn Lore and Theories

As Revenant Reborn takes shape, there are intriguing lore implications to consider.

Some theories suggest that Revenant Reborn may be a variant of Revenant from another dimension, akin to Shadow Revenant from the Halloween mode. Another speculation revolves around Duardo Silva, the grandfather of Apex Legends Octane and CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals, who holds Revenant’s source code hostage. It’s possible that Duardo Silva manipulated Revenant into accepting upgrades and transformations, leading to the birth of Revenant Reborn.

As evidenced by Shadow Revenant, a different version of Revenant that governs over Shadowfall, it’s feasible that Revenant exists in a number of worlds. A different version of Revenant from another dimension may be Revenant Reborn. However, it’s still unclear if Revenant Reborn will completely replace Revenant or if the two characters will coexist in the Apex Games.

Revenant Reborn Bundle and Release Date

The first information about the Reworked Revenant came out when the Revevant Reborn bundle leaked.

When it first leaked, many people believed that this skin would be Revenant’s Prestige skin. But as time went on, it became more and more obvious that it would probably be used for the Revenant relaunch bundle. The leaked skin is obviously incomplete and will have a lot more added to it before release, though.

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Leaked and Unfinished Revenant Reborn Launch Bundle

While the exact release date for Revenant Reborn remains undisclosed, Apex Legends’ Narrative Lead, Ashley Reed, hinted at a mid-season or end-of-season arrival.

This significant update could have major story implications for the game, and the teasers in recent trailers point to Revenant’s new kit being on the horizon. As Season 18 draws closer, players can anticipate an exciting and game-changing experience with the arrival of Revenant Reborn.

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Well, Apex Legends Revenant Reborn is poised to shake up the game and elevate Revenant to new heights. With a complete overhaul of his abilities and potential lore developments, Revenant Reborn promises to be a formidable force in the Apex Games.

As we eagerly await Season 18, the anticipation for this enigmatic character’s rebirth grows, and players can look forward to a thrilling and immersive experience in Apex Legends. Stay tuned for more updates and prepare to embrace the darkness of Revenant Reborn!

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