Ark 2: release date, platform, story, gameplay, and everything we know


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Ark 2 is a highly anticipated survival MMO game from Studio Wildcard.

Ark 2, a highly anticipated game from Studio Wildcard, will now launch in 2024 at an unannounced date. Excitement is still strong despite this setback because the CEO of Wildcard promised exciting new gameplay developments and enticing features like “Souls-like” combat. Moreover, the main character and executive producer Vin Diesel is a part of the game, therefore there is a lot of excitement for the game.

Ark 2 is a highly anticipated Xbox Series X game that will be available on PC, Xbox One X, and Xbox Game Pass. It is developed with Unreal Engine 5 and despite the lack of information, players are still focused on the game because they are excited about its unique story, gameplay, and overall gaming experience.

Ark 2 Release Date

Ark 2 will now be released in 2024 after Studio Wildcard postponed it once again. The survival MMO was originally scheduled to launch in 2022 when it was first revealed at The Game Awards in 2020. However, Studio Wildcard postponed Ark 2 until 2023 since it had not been updated for two years and then it was postponed until 2024.

Studio Wildcard confirmed this delay in a community post, explaining that the decision aims to improve the final product and the team’s well-being. The statement clarified, “We’ve put much thought into delaying ARK 2 for the betterment of the final product and the team’s well-being… So why the delay? Our goal is to make ARK 2 the best game it can be and provide a truly exceptional and rewarding experience for players.”

Ark 2, Ark 2 game, Ark 2 release date, Ark 2 platform, Ark 2 story, Ark 2 gameplay, everything known about Ark 2, Ark 2 latest updates
Ark 2 will now be released in 2024 after Studio Wildcard postponed it once again.

Ark 2 Platforms

Ark 2, anticipated as one of 2023’s most awaited PC games, holds a period of console exclusivity. Initially announced as an Xbox Series X launch exclusive in collaboration with Microsoft Gaming, it will also debut on Xbox Game Pass from day one.

The uncertainty surrounding its availability on PS5 persists as Studio Wildcard lists it as a “console launch exclusive” for Xbox Series X. This exclusivity suggests that Ark 2 will initially be accessible only on PC and Xbox Series X before its potential release on other platforms, including PS5. However, given the success of ARK: Survival Evolved on PS4, a subsequent launch on PlayStation following the Xbox exclusivity period wouldn’t be surprising.

Ark 2 Trailers

The first Ark 2 trailer, unveiled in 2020 at The Game Awards, showcased the game without any gameplay footage. While the trailer set the narrative tone, introduced key figures involved in the production, and hinted at expected features, Studio Wildcard later revealed that development has shifted to Unreal Engine 5.

Another trailer released during E3 2022, captured in Unreal Engine 5, provided a visually stunning glimpse into the game’s storyline. Set in a world long after a monumental battle, the trailer highlighted the daily struggles in a world teeming with dinosaurs, with Vin Diesel’s character and his daughter equipped with their pet T-Rex clad in bone armor.

Ark 2 Story and Setting

The fifth and final paid DLC expansion pack for ARK: Survival Evolved, Genesis: Part 2, was released in 2021. The plot takes place on an unidentified extraterrestrial planet after the events of that pack. Even though Studio Wildcard hasn’t revealed much about the Ark 2 story, the final chapter of Genesis: Part 2 gives us some ideas about what might be revealed.

The Genesis Ship is split in two as the expansion, which takes place on a massive colony ship, comes to an end. While the other half, which is Rockwell’s tainted ringworld, lies inert in space, the first half falls onto a gas planet.

And towards the end of Genesis: Part 2, we witness the emergence of one of the Santiago clones from stasis, just when they are launched from the wreckage of the Genesis Ship upon an enigmatic world that resembles Earth. It’s most likely the planet where Ark 2 is situated.

Moreover, in Ark 2, Vin Diesel will play Santiago, the main character and hero. For those who are not familiar with the overall plot of the series, Santiago is a replica of Santiago da Costa, a player character in ARK: Survival Evolved. It has further been revealed that we’ll learn more about this character when it crosses over in the upcoming Ark: The Animated Series, which is anticipated to air sometime in 2023.

Ark 2, Ark 2 game, Ark 2 release date, Ark 2 platform, Ark 2 story, Ark 2 gameplay, everything known about Ark 2, Ark 2 latest updates
The sequel of the popular Ark game is developed with Unreal Engine 5.

Ark 2 Gameplay

While no direct Ark 2 gameplay has been unveiled, Studio Wildcard hints at significant changes from its predecessor. Ark 2 was originally intended to be like its predecessor, a “sandbox survival experience,” but things have changed from that first concept. There will be some noticeable differences between Ark 1 and its sequel.

First of all, the melee combat in the game will be similar to Souls; you’ll be able to target-lock, block, dodge, execute combos, staggers, and even special strikes. Additionally, “strict” third-person mechanics and character traversal systems, such as sliding, swinging, free-climbing, mantling, parkour, and more, will be heavily emphasized in Ark 2.

The expansive new alien universe of Ark 2 offers dynamic world events that take place regardless of your actions. The decision to engage with them will subsequently offer opportunities and difficulties. Millions of combinations are possible when you create tools and weapons from different modules to customize their appearance and functionality. These products’ appearance will also be influenced by their materials.

The Atarai are a new enemy race in the game that can attack players from the ground while mounted on their dinosaurs, possibly being extremely deadly. Therefore, even if we’re not sure how this works in reality, we’re eager to see more gameplay from Ark 2.

Ark 2, Ark 2 game, Ark 2 release date, Ark 2 platform, Ark 2 story, Ark 2 gameplay, everything known about Ark 2, Ark 2 latest updates

Ark 2 Pre-Order Information

Pre-orders are not now available anywhere because the entire year of 2023 is the release timeframe. On the other hand, PC gamers can add the game to their Steam wishlist to be ahead of the competition.

The game will be playable immediately upon launch if you have a membership to Game Pass, as it will be available on that platform as well. However, whenever the real preorders for the general public go live, we’ll notify you first.

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