Iron Man Game will run on Unreal Engine 5


The upcoming Iron Man game, which will run on Unreal Engine 5, promises to bring gorgeous visuals and intense gameplay that will take players on an incredible journey across the Marvel universe.

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Iron Man Game will run on Unreal Engine 5 reveals new job listing

Back in September 2022, Electronic Arts announced that Motive Studio was working on an all-new Iron Man game. While the game does not yet have an official title, it was described as a single-player, third-person, action-adventure game.

Now, some exciting news has emerged regarding the highly anticipated Iron Man game. Based on recent information, it has been revealed that the game will run on Epic’s cutting-edge Unreal Engine 5.

Iron Man Game on Unreal Engine 5

The confirmation of the Iron Man Game running on Unreal Engine 5 comes from a recent job listing for the position of Audio Software Developer at Motive Studio, indicating that the new recruit will join the team working on the upcoming AAA Iron Man game developed with Unreal Engine 5.

According to the job listing, the Audio Software Developer will collaborate closely with audio designers to integrate various audio elements into the game. This includes implementing sound effects, music, voiceovers, and interactive audio using Unreal Engine 5’s powerful audio system.

job listing at Motive Studios, iron man game, iron man game on unreal engine 5, motive studio's iron man game, marvel iron man game, iron man game development and news
A snapshot of the job listing for Audio Software Developer at Motive Studios

Candidates for the position are expected to possess proficiency in working with audio components, audio graphs, sound cues, and Unreal Engine 5’s Blueprints visual scripting.

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What do we know about the Iron Man Game?

Motive Studio and Marvel Collaboration

The Iron Man game is being developed by Motive Studio, a Montreal-based game development studio under Electronic Arts (EA) in collaboration with Marvel Games, and is set to be a single-player, third-person, action-adventure experience.

The collaboration with Marvel Games demonstrates a commitment to delivering an exceptional Iron Man experience and has been hailed as a “love letter” to the iconic superhero. Led by Olivier Proulx, the team at Motive Studio consists of industry veterans with a passion for delivering high-quality games. Proulx himself has experience working on past Marvel titles, such as Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

The development team aims to create a unique story that captures the essence of Iron Man, drawing from his rich history and showcasing Tony Stark’s complexity, charisma, and creative genius.

Length of Development

While specific details about the game’s development timeline are scarce, information from senior environment artist Jimmy Ho’s LinkedIn profile suggests that the Iron Man game has been in development since at least July 2021. However, it is unclear whether Ho joined the project at its inception or at a later stage.

Nonetheless, it can be concluded that development has been ongoing for at least two years as of the time of writing.

Open World Possibilities

While not much information has been officially released about the game’s content, a job listing for a Senior Writer at Motive Studio suggests the possibility of an open-world design.

The listing indicates that the Senior Writer would need prior experience with open-world and non-linear dialogues. In a tweet by Stephen Rhodes, who is presumably involved with the Iron Man game’s writing, he mentioned that the Senior Writer would assist him in crafting “the next great Iron Man story.”

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Iron Man Game: Motive Studio’s Freedom and Marvel’s Vision

Previously while announcing the game, Olivier Proulx, the lead on the Iron Man game at Motive Studio, expressed his enthusiasm and gratitude for the opportunity to create a game based on one of the most iconic superheroes of our time.

He emphasized that the team has been given the freedom to craft a new and unique story, encouraged by Marvel to deliver something fresh and engaging. This creative freedom has invigorated the development team, and they are committed to delivering an exceptional Iron Man experience that stands out in the world of video games.

Iron Man has made several appearances in video games over the years. Most recently, in 2020, Iron Man VR was released for PlayStation VR, allowing players to step into the shoes of Tony Stark and experience thrilling virtual reality action.

Additionally, there were game adaptations of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films Iron Man (2008) and Iron Man 2 (2010), which were published on various consoles and handheld devices at the time. Iron Man has also been featured in ensemble games like Marvel’s Avengers (2020) by Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix.

Considering all this, Marvel and Motive Studio have a large responsibility to deliver something comparable to the past Iron Man titles and offer more interesting and engaging gameplay with the new Iron Man game to the fans.

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Well, as development progresses, fans of Iron Man eagerly anticipate further updates and announcements about the game. With Motive Studio’s expertise and the power of Unreal Engine 5, the Iron Man game promises to be an immersive and thrilling adventure that captures the essence of Tony Stark and his alter ego.

Stay tuned for more exciting news about the upcoming Iron Man game as it continues to take shape.

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