Best Remnant 2 Weapon Mods At the End of Tutorial Section


Discover the most powerful Remnant 2 weapon mods at the end of the tutorial segment. With these necessary upgrades, you can unleash great abilities and control the post-apocalyptic planet.

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Best Remnant 2 Weapon Mods At the End of Tutorial Section

Remnant 2 releases in less than a week but already, every part of the title has been highlighted on the internet. Fans can prepare for an amazing voyage with their enhanced weapons as they go on thrilling adventures!

After completing the introductory tutorial in Remnant 2, you will encounter the vendors in the center hub and must choose a Weapon Mod. Choosing your first Weapon Mod can be difficult because you don’t know what each Weapon Mod does or how excellent it is. Furthermore, you cannot change your mind after selecting a Weapon Mod, so choose your first Weapon Mod with caution.

In this article, we will look at the Best Remnant 2 Weapon Mods you will receive at the end of the tutorial section. Let’s check it out!

Crafting Remnant 2 Weapon Mods

When you have finally and effortfully completed the tutorial section, you will be given the objective of crafting a Remnant 2 weapon mod. This mod shall be attached to your firearm and will give you the ability to employ a specific damage or utility skill on a cooldown.

Now, there are four weapon mods to choose from. Below, we have provided the details for each one of them. However, according to us, there is one that clearly stands above the rest. This Remnant 2 Weapon Mod would benefit also any build. We’ll point this out when we get to it.

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Best Remnant 2 Weapon Mods

In the video game, there might be a plethora of weapon mods you can tinker with, but in this End of Tutorial Section, you are only given a choice of four. Here are these 4 Remnant 2 Weapon mods:

Hot Shot

The name says it all. Every shot you shoot with this weapon mod will be ablaze with fire. The intended target, if hit, will be set on fire for 10 seconds. These 10 seconds their health will continue to decrease. The scenario where Hot Shot will come in handy the most is with the bosses of Remnant 2 as early in the game, they are the biggest troublemakers.

Scrap Shot

With this shot, you can shoot grenades that lay out caltrops on the ground. Any opponent that saunters over them will be slowed down. This is a game-changer when it comes to crowd control. However, our opinion is that this is not the best option for beginners.

Concussive Shot

The Concussive Shot fires off a damaging burst that hits a bunch of nearby enemies. This is certainly useful when it comes to damaging groups of opponents at once. However, the problem is you won’t find such groups this early in the game. The better option is to go with a single-fire mod.

Healing Shot

This is a shot that you should fire at your allies and not your opponents. It restores 35% of the maximum health of those allies that it hits. That means it’s useless if you are playing solo. It’s a good option if you have the Medic class, but it’s not an essential item.

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Those are the four Remnant 2 weapon mods that will be presented to you at the end of the tutorial section. Each one is useful in particular scenarios. However, we are of the mind that Hot Shot is the best Remnant 2 weapon mod for a beginner.

Its biggest pro is that it makes boss battles much easier. They are the major threat at the beginning when your healing and mitigation are so low, so going on with the offensive is suggested.

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