Remnant 2 Challenger Guide: best perks, traits, skills, and all about this archetype


Get ready to overcome obstacles in Remnant 2 by using the potent Challenger archetype! In our Remnant 2 Challenger guide, we explore the best perks, traits, and skills of this special class in order to give you a competitive advantage.

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Remnant 2 Challenger Guide: best perks, traits, skills, and all about this archetype

Just a glance at the Remnant 2 Challenger archetype’s outfit is enough to suggest its aggressive fighting style. True to its appearance, the Challenger is the most melee-focused archetype yet known to the public. It gets really friendly with the opponents with its high DPS perks and enhanced armor.

You will get to choose the best class for the build at the very start of Remnant 2.

In this article, we will take a deep dive into the starting gear, items, Prime Perks, and more of the Remnant 2 Challenger archetype.

Remnant 2 Challenger archetype

Do you like gore? If yes, then you and the Challenger are a match made in heaven. It causes substantial damage to all opponents within close-to-mid range. Especially if you are clever with the way you use its unique Prime Perk, that’ll give you a powerful advantage. Also, the Traits are wired to reduce Encumbrance.

Additionally, the Remnant 2 Challenger Perks boost melee damage, and reduce incoming damage and stamina cost. And this is not all. The skills system is wired for increasing harm, movement, weapon, and reload speed.

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Remnant 2 Challenger archetype prime perk

Here is the best perk of this Remnant 2 Challenger Class:

Die Hard

Die Hard is the prime perk of Challenger and it is like its last resort. For a glorious five seconds, the player becomes invulnerable (meaning you take zero damage of any kind) and there is a 100% regeneration of maximum health.

Remnant 2 Challenger archetype traits

Challenger’s Trait is a powerhouse of passive abilities. These grant buffs and special bonuses. Also, there is only one Trait per archetype. And you can try to level up to enhance the effect of the Trait. Every level increase adds a -1 to the Trait.

Remnant 2 Challenger archetype perks

Challenger packs four perks in its bag. You can cause powerful effects and deliver awesome damage to opponents. There are some prowess that decrease additional Stamina costs and some that decrease damage output.

Here are all the perks of this Remnant 2 Challenger Class:

Close Quarters (Damage Perk): Between a range of 7-to-13 meters, with decreasing effect, a boost of up to 40% in ranged and melee damage is granted (increase the Challenger level for more damage). Within this range, there’s also a boost of 10% in critical chance.

Intimidation Presence (Team Perk): Within a 10-meter radius, for 15 seconds, every opponent’s damage decreases by 10%. If you manage to hit an enemy, then that enemy’s damage output will reduce further by 2.5% per hit. This is valid for four hits per opponent.

Powerlifter (Utility Perk): With this perk, the Stamina Regen Delay and the additional Stamina cost are reduced by 50%.

Face of Danger (Relic Perk): Within a distance of 10 meters of the opponents, you receive two stacks of Bulwark which enhance the defensive capabilities. Also, for 10 seconds, the damage is boosted by 10%.

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Remnant 2 Challenger archetype skills

You have the option of equipping a total of three skills one at a time on Challenger in Remnant 2. If you learn to use the skills right, you can deliver much more damage at predefined ranges, boost fire rate and movements, etc.

Let’s take a look at these juicy skills of Remnant 2 Challenger:

Rampage: For 20 seconds, a heightened state is activated where a boost of 15%, 20%, and 10% is granted for fire rate, reload speed, and movement speed respectively. Moreover, do high damage to an opponent for one stack of Rage. This stack in itself boosts ranged damage by 5%. If you manage to reach 10 stacks, then the Challenger enters Berserk mode. This will redo the Rampage skill and reload the current firearm.

War Stomp: Challenger class regenerates a high-impact tremor in a forward cone direction such that it delivers 210 damage. All the opponents receive a point-blank hit from all sides. This skill has 2 charges.

Juggernaut: With this skill, the player gets the BULWARK L3 buff. This grants the Challenger a 15% movement and melee speed increase. The melee damage is boosted by 50% as well. The stagger impact reduces by 1 and this effect lasts for 25 seconds.

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Keep in mind this one thing. High damage to an opponent grants you one stack of Rage. One stack will boost Ranged Damage by 5%. All you need to do is collect 10 of these stacks and the Remnant 2 Challenger goes into BERSERK mode. Once you enter this mode, the battle is as good as won.

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