Starfield Companions: all 20 companions, their skills, and the best ones


Use our Starfield Companions guide to discover all 20 companions, and their unique skills, and find out which ones are the best for your journey.

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Starfield Companions: all 20 companions, their skills, and the best ones

Starfield companions can be incredibly valuable during your adventures. They’ll go to great lengths to protect you from threats and also assist you by carrying a significant portion of your load as you collect resources. Additionally, you can include them in your Starfield crew and assign them various tasks, whether it’s assisting onboard your ship or managing activities at your outposts.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of all the Starfield companions available at the beginning of the game.

All Starfield Companions

Not every Starfield companion is part of the main questline, so you may need to complete side quests or unlock specific traits/skills to recruit some companions. With that said, here’s a comprehensive list of all the Starfield companions that you can find:

  1. Sarah Morgan
  2. Sam Coe
  3. Barrett
  4. Andreja
  5. Vasco
  6. Marika Boros
  7. Heller
  8. Adoring Fan
  9. Lin
  10. Simeon Bankowski
  11. Gideon Aker
  12. Moara Otero
  13. Andromeda Kepler
  14. Omari Hassan
  15. Rosie Tannehill
  16. Mickey Caviar
  17. Jessamine Griffin
  18. Rafael Aguerro
  19. Sophia Gace
  20. Dani Garcia
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Sarah Morgan, Sam Coe, Barrett, and Andreja are the core Starfield companions.

Every Starfield Companion and Their Skills

While Starfield boasts numerous companions to choose from, only four of them possess the depth typically associated with Bethesda companion characters. Each of these Starfield companions brings a unique set of skills to the table, which can help you decide your role in your crew.

As of now, only seven out of the 20 Starfield Companions have been officially revealed. Below, we’ve listed their names, skills, and backgrounds:

Andreja4 stars in Stealth, 3 stars in Particle Beams, 2 stars in Energy Weapon Systems, 1 star in TheftA unique and enigmatic Constellation member.
Adoring Fan (Crewmate)2 stars in Weight Lifting, 1 star in Concealment, 1 star in ScavengingA non-player character (NPC) modeled by the Adoring Fan from Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion.
Barrett4 stars in Starship Engineering, 3 stars in Particle Weapon Beam system, 2 stars in Robotics, 1 star in GastronomyA knowledgeable Constellation participant.
Gideon Aker (Crewmate)2 stars in Ballistic Weapon Systems, 2 stars in Missile Weapons SystemsAt the Viewpoint in New Atlantis, a crewmate was discovered.
Heller (Crewmate)3 stars in Outpost EngineeringYou can hire him as an Argos Extractors employee while on your voyage.
Lin (Crewmate)1 star in Demolitions, 3 stars in Outpost ManagementA site supervisor at Argos.
Marika Boros (Crewmate)1 star in Shotgun Certification, 2 stars in Ballistics, 1 star in Particle Beam Weapon SystemsAt the Viewpoint in New Atlantis, a crewmate was discovered.
Mickey Caviar (Crewmate)1 star in Gastronomy, 2 stars in Wellness, 1 star in IncapacitationAt the Astral Lounge in Neon, a crewmate was discovered.
Omari Hassan (Crewmate)3 stars in Shield Systems, 1 star in Starship EngineeringAt the Akila City hitching post, a crewmate was discovered.
Rosie Tannehill (Crewmate)1 star in Medicine, 3 stars in WellnessAt the Akila City hitching post, a crewmate was discovered.
Sarah Morgan4 stars in Astrodynamics, 3 stars in Lasers, 2 stars in Leadership, 1 star in BotanyShe was originally a soldier and explorer and now serves as Constellation’s acting chair.
Sam Coe4 stars in Piloting, 3 stars in Rifle Certification, 2 stars in Payloads, 1 star in GeologyProbably a member of the Freestar family, who is the proprietor of the Coe Plaza in Akila City.
Simeon Bankowski (Crewmate)1 star in Sharpshooting, 2 stars in Sniper Certification, 1 star in MarksmanshipA crewmate was discovered at the Viewpoint in New Atlantis.
Vasco (Crewmate)TBA (An expeditionary robot character with expertise in traveling through rough terrain while carrying massive equipment.)A robotic adventurer who excels at moving across challenging terrain while pulling heavy loads of gear.

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Starfield Core Companions

Bethesda Studios has confirmed that the game features several named characters who can join you as either Starfield Companions or Crewmembers. However, only four of them have the most detailed storylines and offer story interaction:

Core Companions:

  • Sarah Morgan
  • Sam Coe
  • Barrett
  • Andreja

Crew Companions:

  • Vasco
  • Lin
  • Heller
  • The Adoring Fan

Additionally, it’s worth noting that you can form romantic relationships with Starfield Companions but not with Crewmembers, so choose your AI allies wisely.

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Best Starfield Companions

  • Best Starfield Companion Overall: Sarah Morgan and Sam Coe
  • Best Starfield Companion for Combat: Marika Boros
  • Best Starfield Companion for Ship Assignment and Space Combat: Barrett
  • Best Starfield Companion for Stealth and Looting: Adoring Fan
  • Best Starfield Companion for Outpost Assignment: Lin & Heller

In selecting the best companions and crew members for your journey, Sarah Morgan and Sam Coe stand out as the top choices for various situations. Both offer a wide range of skills that encompass combat, ship efficiency, and resource gathering. Sarah’s expertise in Astrodynamics and Sam’s Piloting skills provide advantages in space, while their Lasers and Rifle certifications boost ground combat. Botany and Geology skills also make them valuable for resource acquisition during exploration.

For combat-focused missions, Marika Boros shines as the best companion due to her Ballistics and Shotgun Certification skills, giving her an edge in gunfights. Barrett is the go-to choice for ship assignment and space combat, thanks to his engineering skills, particularly Starship Engineering and Particle Beam Weapon Systems, which optimize starship efficiency.

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Sarah Morgan and Sam Coe stand out as the top choices for best Starfield companions.

If stealth and looting are your preferred approaches, Adoring Fan is an ideal companion. Andreja’s ability to turn invisible while sneaking and her damage boosts make her perfect for covert operations. When it comes to outpost assignments, Lin and Heller, experienced Argos miners, are the top picks. Heller’s Outpost Engineering enhances outpost modules, while Lin’s Outpost Management knowledge streamlines operations.

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How do Starfield Companions Operate?

Although you can assign various roles to the people you encounter within your crew, their primary function is to serve as a single companion who accompanies you on your adventures. The Starfield companions not only provide you with skill-related buffs but also act as pack mules when your inventory becomes overloaded. Ensure that you equip them with a firearm and at least one ammo type so they can fight alongside you during combat situations.

How to Equip Starfield Companions with weapons?

To arm a Starfield companion with a specific weapon, initiate a gear trade with them. Once the trade is completed, access their inventory, hover over the desired weapon, and press the Y button to assign it to the companion. Keep in mind that the weapon must be present in the companion’s inventory for this process to work.

How to make Starfield Companions use their assigned weapons?

If a Starfield companion isn’t using their assigned weapon, it’s likely because they’ve exhausted their ammunition. This can be resolved by providing them with at least one round of ammo for the specific weapon. Some players report that companions may only require a single box of ammunition to operate any gun, ensuring they never run out of bullets again, but this hasn’t been officially confirmed.

How to Change Starfield Companions’ Outfits?

Similar to equipping companions with weapons, players can change their allies’ outfits by pressing the Y button while selecting attire from their inventory. Keep in mind that companions have a level of autonomy over their clothing choices, so changing their attire doesn’t guarantee they’ll wear the provided costume.

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