Best XDefiant Guns: Tier List of Top 10 Weapons


Check out the guide on best XDefiant guns and know about the ideal weapons that are ranked in the top 10 in our tier list.

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Best XDefiant Guns: Tier List of Top 10 Weapons

Choosing the right XDefiant gun can be tough because there are 24 different ones to pick from, including both primary and secondary weapons. Each gun has its own strengths and weaknesses. So, instead of spending hours testing them in multiplayer or the practice range, we’ve made it easier for you by listing the best XDefiant guns in the current meta.

Here’s a tier list of the best XDefiant guns and a dropdown of the top weapons.

Best Xdefiant Guns List: Top Weapons Tier List

In XDefiant, any gun can be effective if you’re good with it, but to win more often and beat your opponents, it’s best to use a top-tier weapon. These guns are stronger than others, and with the right attachments, they can help you take down anyone easily. Here’s a list of the 10 best XDefiant guns out of all 24 available.

10. MP5A2

The MP5A2 is a submachine gun that’s great for close-range fights, with a fast rate of fire and strong damage. It’s designed for players who prefer to move quickly and attack aggressively, letting them move easily and engage enemies fast.

To get the most out of it, players often add attachments like the Barrel Extender and QuickDraw Grip, which improve its performance and handling at short to medium range.

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9. P90

Despite some drawbacks, the P90 reminds players of its Call of Duty counterpart. It’s famous for its big ammo magazine and rapid shooting, making it great for close-up battles where you shoot a lot and hope to hit something.

Although it doesn’t shoot far and slows you down because it’s big, the P90’s ability to do more damage with headshots and to add things like a longer barrel or a faster grip make it a strong choice for those who can handle its unique way of working.

8. M4A1

The M4A1 in XDefiant is a versatile assault rifle that serves as a solid choice for players starting out in the game. Players can make it even better by adding things like the Chrome Lined barrel for more range and the Padded stock for easier control.

Known for its balanced performance, the M4A1 offers a good mix of firepower, accuracy, and range, making it effective in various combat scenarios. It’s especially good at medium distances, where it can beat submachine guns and shotguns with its steady shooting speed.

7. TAC-50

The TAC-50 is a high-powered sniper rifle that stands out for its exceptional stopping power and long-range precision. It’s the go-to weapon for players who prefer a tactical approach, allowing for one-shot kills with accurate head or upper chest shots.

The TAC-50 can be customized with attachments like the Lightweight Barrel and Quick Mag to improve ADS speed and reload time, making it more nimble in various combat situations.

XDefiant best TAC-50 build, attachments, loadouts

6. MDR

This versatile assault rifle in XDefiant is unlockable by reaching level 10 in the Preseason Battle Pass. It’s a burst-fire weapon, optimal for medium to long-range combat, with a unique three-round burst that offers a balance between firepower and control.

The MDR’s lower rate of fire is compensated by its reduced recoil, making it a reliable choice for players who prioritize precision and stability over rapid fire.

5. Vector .45 ACP

The Vector .45 ACP gun in XDefiant is famous for being really good in close fights. You can get it by doing 10,000 damage with any SMG. The Vector .45 ACP is special because it shoots really fast and doesn’t move much, making it great for quick battles.

To make it even better, players often add things like the Lightweight Suppressor, Rapid Fire Barrel, and Quick Mag. These make it even deadlier and faster in small areas.

4. M16A4

The M16A4 is a burst-fire assault rifle that excels at long-range engagements. It’s known for its high accuracy and control, making it a solid choice for players who can master its unique three-round burst firing pattern.

With the right attachments, like the Muzzle Booster and Stabilizing Barrel, it can be optimized for mid-range combat, offering a balance of lethality and precision.

3. AK-47


The AK-47 is a popular choice in XDefiant, just like in other FPS games. It’s powerful but has a slower fire rate compared to similar guns. However, if you can control its recoil, you’ll have one of the fastest times to kill (TTK) in multiplayer.

It’s great for mid-range battles and perfect for holding down areas on big maps. Plus, if you can hit headshots regularly, its damage gets even better. But that’s not easy to do.

2. ACR 6.8

The ACR 6.8 is known for being really consistent. It’s an easy-to-use Assault Rifle that’s great for fights from a medium to long distance. It’s also one of the quickest guns to take down enemies in multiplayer games. If you can manage to aim for the head, it’s even faster.

Whether you like to stay in strong spots or move around quickly to find sneaky ways to attack, the ACR can handle both styles of play. If you’re not sure which gun to use, the ACR is a smart choice.

1. MP7

If you want to get really aggressive in XDefiant, there’s nothing like the MP7. It’s a super fast submachine gun that’s great for shooting quickly and moving fast. Perfect for close-up fights, it helps you stay in charge while you dart around the battlefield.

The MP7 shoots straight and is easy to handle, so it’s perfect for players who like to be quick and nimble in tough fights.

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All in all, XDefiant has lots of different weapons, each with its own special features and ways to unlock them. This means everyone can find a weapon that suits how they like to play XDefiant. You might like powerful sniper rifles or reliable assault rifles. It’s all about trying them out and getting good with them to make your game better.

Whether you like fighting up close or from far away, there’s an XDefiant gun that’s right for you.

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