Death Stranding 2 complete title has been leaked with hints of imminent reveal


Death Stranding 2, the next game from Hideo Kojima, may already have an official title and might also get a formal reveal in the coming weeks.

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Death Stranding 2 complete title has been leaked with hints of imminent reveal

According to Dealabs website, the full and official title for Death Stranding 2 is purportedly Death Stranding 2: On The Beach. This suggests that the game might predominantly unfold at sea, instead of the first game’s land-based activities.

The leaker asserts that fans won’t have to wait long for official confirmation, hinting at an imminent game reveal. While an exact date for the announcement isn’t provided, it is speculated to occur within the next 15 days. Another theory is that the announcement might happen at an unexpected PlayStation State of Play presentation.

The leaker stated, “This is one of the things we are 100% sure of. A second announcement regarding the game is imminent. While we have not been able to determine the timing of this announcement, we estimate that it will occur within the next 15 days.”

Apart from the recent leak, in early January, Insider Jeff Grubb hinted at an upcoming PlayStation State of Play event in the “coming weeks,” making it plausible for an announcement during this event. Moreover, a few months back, Hideo Kojima’s personal assistant posted a photo on Twitter showing him editing a video. What caught the attention was the vague title of the video being edited, resembling “State_of_Play_XXXX_trailer_DS2.”

Well, Death Stranding 2 was officially announced in December 2022 through a reveal trailer at The Game Awards which showcased main characters Sam Porter Bridges and Fragile aboard a massive ship at sea. This sequel, slated for release on PS5 and published by Sony, features familiar faces such as Léa Seydoux, who portrayed the character Fragile in the original game. In addition, Troy Baker will also star, and the return of Norman Reedus is confirmed.

From the available information, Death Stranding 2 appears to embody Hideo Kojima’s signature surrealism. Known for his penchant for surprises, Kojima’s previous works, including the Metal Gear Solid series and the unfortunately abandoned PT, suggest that Death Stranding 2 will likely be filled with unexpected twists.

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While Kojima may also be involved in a new Silent Hill project, teased in the OD trailer, Death Stranding 2 remains his most anticipated upcoming endeavor since its initial unveiling.

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