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Elden Ring players have a lot to look forward to in the FromSoftware title, with breath-taking visuals, an immersive plotline, and intense combat.

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Fans are well aware that the game will be released soon, and we have brought you everything that you should know about the Elden Ring game to be prepared for it prior to its release.

The Warrior class’s starting stats and items are as follows:

Warrior beginning class – stats

  • Level = 8
  • Vigor level =11
  • Mind = 12
  • 11 points for endurance
  • 10 for strength
  • 16 for dexterity
  • Intelligence = 10 points
  • 8 point for Faith
  • Arcane = 9

Elden Ring, the newest ARPG made by FromSoftware, will be released on February 25th, 2022. Soulsborne devotees, as well as those unfamiliar with the subgenre, are ready to enter the Lands Between that is a Tarnished and perish over and over again.

If you want to play Elden Ring as soon as possible, you need to know the actual release date.  Remember that the game received a Day One upgrade and to begin playing as soon as possible, you must pre-load the game on your preferred platform.

We now have a definite release date for Elden Ring on all platforms, thanks to a developer update.

Elden Ring Release time on PlayStation, XBOX & PC –

According to a Tweet, the official Elden Ring international release timings calendar shows when the long-awaited ARPG will be released in each country around the world.

Elden Ring will be released at midnight on February 25th, 2022 for console players using the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

Elden Ring release dates for PC, on the other hand, vary by region. The game, for example, will be released on the 24th of February at 23:00 GMT, which means PC players will be able to play it one hour early.

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Elden Ring Pre-load time, date & size for PC & PlayStation –

If the wild Elden Ring overview trailer is any indication, From Software’s next and probably finest title ever will be released on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox systems on February 25th, 2022. While owners from the latter system have been able to pre-load Elden Ring for almost a week, people on PC and PS4 / PS5 are left wondering when they will be allowed to do so.

On February 22nd, we discovered when PC and PlayStation gamers may begin pre-loading it. Let’s go right to the point: PS4 and PS5 users can begin the Elden Ring pre-load on February 23rd at midnight local time.

The Elden Ring pre-load date and time is a little more tricky for PC gamers using Steam. For those in the United States, Elden Ring pre-load begins at 15:00 PT on February 22nd, 17:00 CT time, or 18:00 CT time, depending on where you reside.

It will be available for pre-order on Steam in the United Kingdom on February 22nd at 23:00 GMT and the Elden Ring pre-load download size for Xbox systems has long been known, coming in at over 60 GB.

For those playing on PC, we expect the game’s download size to be about the same. Elden Ring’s PS5 download size is 41.4 GB owing to the amazing compression.

At the time of writing, it is unclear whether this includes the Day One update, but it seems probable that it will be included in the download. Those who bought the physical copy just need to download the update.

Now since we are akin with the Elden Ring System Requirements, let’s head over to our Elden Ring Guide.

Elden Ring Best class for beginners 

Elden Ring’s highly anticipated February release has sparked debate since FromSoftware has created a fantasy RPG with an entirely unique plot. George R.R. Martin, the author of Game of Thrones, cooperated with the game creators to help build the backstory for the title, which has only been added to the audience.

With numerous classes to differentiate gameplay, Elden Ring gamers have a plethora of options to customize their experience. Players should choose their class based on their amount of familiarity with these types of RPGs and, in particular, FromSoftware titles.

With up to 10 distinct classes to choose from, the choices in the game are limitless. Experienced RPG gamers may choose a particular favorite class type from among several titles, whilst newbies may prefer a more user-friendly kind.

The Elden Ring Warrior class is the best and most forgiving class for young and inexperienced players to choose. The Warrior class is one of the most well-rounded in RPGs, with few flaws and a high level of playability.

Warriors will do significant damage while retaining high levels of defense in the fight. Furthermore, melee-type strikes are common for warriors, allowing players to confront their opponents face to face.

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Elden Ring Fast Travel, how to unlock and use it –

Elden Ring, FromSoftware’s forthcoming fantasy RPG, confirms the presence of a fast travel mechanic, which has been seen in versions in previous Soulsborne titles. An IGN interview with game director Hidetaka Miyazaki revealed further information about the fast travel feature and the best methods for players to use it in-game.

Elden Ring is slated to be the studio’s most ambitious project to date, according to the game’s huge environment of its open-world map. We look at how players may unlock and use the fast travel feature during their adventure in Elden Ring.

To unlock the Elden Ring fast travel mechanism, gamers must be patient and do a lot of exploration. As you explore all six of the game’s locations and nearby dungeons, you’ll discover fats travel sites known as Sites of Lost Grace.

These locations serve as your core waypoint, making long-distance travel inside The Lands Between less taxing. Similarly, the more Sites of Grace points you find, the more freedom you’ll have in exploring the map.

What distinguishes Elden Ring’s Sites of Lost Grace from Dark Souls’ bonfires is their accessibility. Whereas fast travel between campfires becomes available much later in the game, you can utilize the sites in Elden Ring as long as a Site of Grace is available.

The game’s fast travel mechanism is simple to unlock; however, how many Sites of Lost Grace are included in the final edition is unknown. Nonetheless, these spots, like bonfires, offer you respite and sanctuary before your next expedition, but they have restrictions.

To utilize a Site of Lost Grace, open up The Lands Between Worlds Map and browse to any Site of Grace to fast travel. You may also consult the Sites of Lost Grace list to see the full list of possible sites and choose your chosen journey point.

This freedom of mobility comes with a caveat: these places cannot be used to explore the dungeons in the game. The Vision of Grace, on the other hand, should be useful because it returns gamers to their last visited place.

The Sites of Lost Grace, which are marked on the map with a small red cut alongside them, are not included in this. Regardless, being able to freely travel across The Lands Between should be a feature that many people are looking forward to.

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How to heal the Elden Ring Torrent Horse –

Sewing it shouldn’t be difficult. Elden Ring Rowa Fruit, with its vivid red berries on green vines, may be found in every area of the Lands Between.

One Rowa Fruit is all you need to make one Rowa Raisin. You won’t be able to make the Raisin immediately away, however, you must first purchase the Crafting Kit in order to make goods from the main menu.

  • Simply press “Esc” on the keyboard or “Options” on the kit’s controller.
  • Then, from the drop-down menu, select “Item Crafting.”
  • You’ll find all of the recipes you’ve unlocked here.
  • Simply mouse on Rowa Raisin, choose how many you want to make, and you’re done.

You must be on horseback and have the Rowa Raisin connected to one of your item armament slots to heal Torrent. Select the Rowa Raisin as your weapon, then hit the “use” keybind to feed Torrent. This will help him recover a little and allow you to continue riding him.

How to apply for Elden Ring ashes of war –

As the game progresses, players will be able to improve their character’s abilities to create and battle with more skill. Everything you need to know about Elden Ring Ashes of War, including how to apply and more, is available here.

The Ashes of War is one of the elaborate fighting aspects in Elden Ring that has received a lot of positive attention. These ashes may be used to unlock new abilities, powers, and talents by applying them to equipment.

In Elden Ring, obtaining Ashes of War is equivalent to unlocking new weapons and armor. Ashes of War can be obtained as a prize for conquering bosses and other regions defended by opponents, in addition to arriving with the beginning equipment for some Elden Ring starting classes.

As previously stated, Ashes of War may be used in a variety of ways to aid you in your Elden Ring games. Ashes of War can be put to individual items of equipment (gear) and then removed in a similar manner.

When used, Ashes of War can do the following:

  • Increase specific stats and scale
  • Reduce certain stats and scaling
  • Provide a new skill ability.

Please keep in mind that if the Ashes of War you’re using come with a specific talent, that skill will be replaced by the existing skill linked with that piece of equipment.

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