Every announcement at Nintendo Direct June 2023: an exciting lineup of Switch titles


Nintendo Direct June 2023 brought a wave of excitement to fans around the world as the event unveiled a captivating lineup of upcoming Switch titles.

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Nintendo Direct June 2023 revealed an exciting lineup of upcoming Switch titles

Nintendo recently held a highly anticipated Nintendo Direct June 2023 livestream event, unveiling a plethora of exciting announcements for the Nintendo Switch.

Fans were treated to a range of new games, including a new 2D Mario platformer and the highly anticipated sequel to Detective Pikachu. With an impressive lineup of titles set to release later this year, the holiday season is shaping up to be one of the best for Nintendo Switch owners.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the games revealed and updated during the Nintendo Direct June 2023, highlighting the most exciting releases for Switch players.

Every announcement at Nintendo Direct June 2023:

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: The Hidden Treasure Of Area Zero

The Nintendo Direct June 2023 started off with a bang, showcasing new gameplay footage for the upcoming Pokémon Scarlet & Violet DLC.

Diverting from the traditional format of a Pokémon Presents showcase, Nintendo unveiled two expansions for Pokémon Sword and Shield. The first expansion, titled “The Teal Mask,” is set to release in autumn, followed by the second expansion, “The Indigo Disk,” in winter. These expansions promise to bring additional content and adventures for Pokémon fans on the Nintendo Switch.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Closing out the Direct June 2023, Nintendo revealed Super Mario Bros. Wonder, a new 2D platformer with a four-player co-op. While not a part of the New Super Mario Bros. series, this game offers exciting multiplayer gameplay and classic platforming action. Join Mario and friends on another adventure when Super Mario Bros. Wonder launches on October 20.

Six playable characters—Mario, Luigi, Toad, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, and Yoshi—as well as a number of unique power-ups, notably the Wonder Flower, which radically alters the course’s appearance and feel—are included in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Elephant Mario is also introduced in Wonder.

Super Princess Peach

Nintendo Direct June 2023 also provided a brief gameplay teaser without revealing the title, but they announced that Princess Peach will be getting her own solo adventure in 2024. This marks her first solo outing since 2005’s Super Princess Peach, and fans are eagerly anticipating the challenges and excitement that await the iconic princess.

Star Ocean: The Second Story R

Square Enix unveiled the full-fledged remake of Star Ocean: The Second Story, marking the game’s first appearance on a Nintendo platform. This highly anticipated remake will launch for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and PC on November 2. Embark on an epic space-faring adventure with enhanced visuals and updated gameplay mechanics.

Luigi’s Mansion 2

In a nod to the original Nintendo 3DS game, Nintendo confirmed that a visually enhanced version of Luigi’s Mansion 2 is in development for the Nintendo Switch. Although no specific launch window was provided, fans can look forward to revisiting the ghostly mansion and helping Luigi overcome his fears once again.

Pikmin 4

The beloved Pikmin series makes its return with Pikmin 4, set to release on July 21. While a proper preview is yet to come, we know that the game introduces a new Pikmin type called Glow Pikmin. To give players a taste of the adventure, a free demo will be available from June 29. Join Captain Olimar and the Pikmin on another charming and strategic journey.

Pikmin 1 and 2

In addition to Pikmin 4, Nintendo also announced the arrival of the first two games in the series on the Nintendo Switch. Players can now experience the entire mainline Pikmin series on one console. The HD versions of Pikmin 1 and Pikmin 2 are available digitally today, and a physical release containing both games will arrive on September 22. Relive or discover the magic of these captivating and innovative games.

Super Mario RPG

One of the exciting announcements during the Nintendo Direct June 2023 was the reveal of a remake of the beloved Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) game, Super Mario RPG. Launching on November 17, this game serves as a precursor to the Paper Mario series and will bring back cherished memories for long-time Mario fans.

WarioWare: Move It!

The WarioWare series returns to the Nintendo Switch with WarioWare: Move It! This game takes inspiration from the days of the Wii, incorporating motion controls and utilizing your arms and body in a selection of microgames. Get ready for fast-paced and hilarious gameplay when WarioWare: Move It! launches on November 3.

Detective Pikachu Returns

After being announced in 2019, the highly anticipated sequel to the popular Detective Pikachu 3DS game finally received a title and a launch date. Set to release on October 6, the game will continue the thrilling adventures of Detective Pikachu, delighting fans with its unique blend of mystery and humor.

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince

Fans of Dragon Quest and Pokémon will be delighted by the newest entry in the Dragon Quest Monsters subseries. Dubbed “The Dark Prince,” this game brings a Dragon Quest twist to the monster-collecting genre. Gather and train monsters to battle enemies, and fuse them to create even more powerful allies. Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince will launch for the Nintendo Switch on December 1, offering a captivating adventure for RPG enthusiasts.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass Wave 5

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe continues to receive new content with the announcement of the Booster Course Pass Wave 5. This DLC pack will introduce a new racetrack called Squeaky Clean Sprint and three new characters: Petey Piranha, Wiggler, and Kamek. Expand your racing options and enjoy the thrilling and competitive races of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Sonic Superstars

Sonic Superstars also made an appearance during the Nintendo Direct June 2023, providing fans with new footage and confirming what had already been speculated. The game is scheduled to launch this autumn for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. Players can look forward to another thrilling adventure with the iconic blue hedgehog.


A free-to-play online multiplayer adventure game with life-simulation elements, Palia is set to make its way to the Nintendo Switch this winter. Players will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a charming world, engaging in various activities and building relationships with other players.

Persona 5 Tactica

Following its previous reveal at the Xbox showcase, Persona 5 Tactica was confirmed for a Switch release on November 17. Fans of the Persona series can now experience this strategy game spin-off on their Nintendo Switch consoles. However, there was no mention of a rumored Switch port of Persona 3 Reload.


Mythforce, an intriguing first-person roguelike with online co-op gameplay, is set to launch for the Nintendo Switch later this year. Inspired by Saturday morning cartoons, this game promises an exciting and visually stunning adventure for players to embark on.

Splatoon 3

Although there was no update on the next paid DLC expansion for Splatoon 3, the Nintendo Direct June 2023 did confirm the upcoming Splatfest. From July 15 to July 17, players can participate in the Splatfest and decide the better ice cream flavor among vanilla, strawberry, or mint chip. Splatoon fans can look forward to engaging in friendly competitions and supporting their favorite flavors.

Batman Arkham Trilogy

While fans eagerly await Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad game, they can rejoice in the news that the critically acclaimed Batman Arkham trilogy is coming to the Nintendo Switch this autumn. The collection will include Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and Arkham Knight, along with all the DLC content, allowing Switch owners to experience the dark and gripping world of Batman on their handheld consoles.

Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 – Turbo Charged

Hot Wheels fans will be delighted to know that the racing game Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 is coming to the Nintendo Switch. With over 130 vehicles and online multiplayer support for up to 12 players, this high-speed game will launch on October 19. Get ready to burn rubber and experience the thrill of Hot Wheels racing on the Switch!

Manic Mechanics

For those who enjoy cooperative gameplay, Manic Mechanics offers a unique experience centered around repairing vehicles as quickly as possible. This co-op title will arrive on the Nintendo Switch on July 13. Join forces with friends and test your mechanical skills in this fast-paced and fun game.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope: The Last Spark Hunter

Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope returns with its second expansion, “The Last Spark Hunter.” Developed as a crossover between Nintendo and Ubisoft, this strategy game introduces a new planet and a new villain. Prepare for more tactical battles and thrilling adventures with Mario and the Rabbids. While the second expansion is out today, fans can also look forward to a third expansion featuring Rayman later this year.

Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Volume 1

Fans of the Metal Gear Solid franchise have something to look forward to as the Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection makes its way to the Nintendo Switch on October 24. In addition to the complete collection, players will have the option to purchase the first three Metal Gear Solid games individually. Immerse yourself in the gripping and cinematic world of Solid Snake’s stealthy missions.

Vampire Survivors

The indie hit Vampire Survivors, which gained popularity in 2022, will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch on August 17. Offering a unique blend of action and survival horror, players will navigate a vampire-infested world in this intense and atmospheric game. Join the ranks of survivors and fight for your life in this thrilling adventure.

Headbangers Rhythm Royale

Prepare to groove to the rhythm as funky pigeons in Headbangers Rhythm Royale, a new rhythm game for the Nintendo Switch. With 20 minigames and online multiplayer support for up to 30 players, this game promises a fun and energetic experience. Get ready to tap your feet and show off your rhythm skills when Headbangers Rhythm Royale launches on October 31.

Penny’s Big Breakway

The talented team behind Sonic Mania is back with an original 3D platformer called Penny’s Big Breakway. While they may not be working on Sonic Superstars, fans can expect an exciting and creative platforming experience in early 2024. Stay tuned for more information on this upcoming title.


Following its successful release on PC in 2021, Gloomhaven, a digital adaptation of the beloved board game, is making its way to the Nintendo Switch on September 18. Players can dive into this immersive and strategic game, exploring a world of adventure and embarking on thrilling quests.

Just Dance 2024

As previously announced at Ubisoft’s showcase, Just Dance 2024 will be launching on October 24 for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. Dance enthusiasts can look forward to grooving to their favorite tunes and showcasing their moves in this highly anticipated release.

Silent Hope

Scheduled for release on October 3, Silent Hope is a new action-roleplaying game with roguelike elements. Players will assume the roles of seven unique warriors, venturing into constantly changing dungeons, gathering treasure, and crafting new equipment. With its immersive gameplay experience, Silent Hope promises excitement and challenges for Nintendo Switch owners.

Fae Farm

Debuting at the Summer Game Fest, Fae Farm offers players a delightful farming simulation experience. With local and online co-op features, players can enjoy tending to their farm, interacting with adorable creatures, and engaging in various activities. Fae Farm launches on September 8, making it a perfect addition to any Switch owner’s gaming library.

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Well, the latest Nintendo Direct June 2023 event showcased a wealth of exciting titles set to release on the Nintendo Switch in the coming months. From highly anticipated sequels to beloved franchises, such as Detective Pikachu 2, to remakes of classic SNES games like Super Mario RPG, Nintendo is offering a diverse range of experiences for players.

Whether you enjoy action-adventure, RPGs, or simulation games, the upcoming lineup for the Nintendo Switch has something for everyone. With these exciting releases on the horizon, Switch owners can look forward to an unforgettable holiday season filled with thrilling adventures and memorable experiences.

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