First MSI Gaming Handheld To Be Revealed at CES 2024


The first MSI gaming handheld, potentially featuring an AMD Ryzen APU has been teased, with a complete reveal coming at CES 2024.

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First MSI Gaming Handheld To Be Revealed at CES 2024

Over the past year or so, there has been a surge in handheld gaming as major tech companies have been launching advanced devices offering unmatched gaming chances when on the move. Now, MSI is entering the fray as the company formally announced its intention to enter the handheld gaming ring and compete against Valve, ASUS, and Lenovo. MSI teased the debut of an entirely new handheld gadget on Instagram.

A brief preview of the new handheld device was provided by “MSI Gaming” on Instagram, along with the following caption: “A whole new breed of MSI dragon is coming.⁠ Get a grip and stay tuned.⁠”

This social media tease marks MSI’s foray into a new product category. Although MSI has shared only three short glimpses of the device thus far, the first suggests that it is a gaming handheld that it refers to as a “new breed of MSI Dragon.” In the meantime, the other two shots display the top edge and rear panel of the device, which MSI plans to mark with ‘TRUE GAMING’ and its logo, respectively.

Two ports can also be seen, one on either side of this marking. On the one hand, the nameless gaming handheld, like many other contemporary gaming handhelds, features a 3.5 mm jack situated on top. Conversely, the other top-mounted port seems to have an inscription with a lightning bolt, which usually indicates Thunderbolt connectivity.

MSI’handheld gaming (4)

While specific details remain unknown, it appears the device’s front layout resembles that of the ASUS ROG Ally. Speculations suggest the MSI gaming handheld might feature an AMD Ryzen APU and Thunderbolt connectivity, resembling the ASUS ROG Ally with its RGB-backlit thumbsticks and sleek design.

Well, handheld gaming has been gaining momentum, especially with the success of the Nintendo Switch and advancements in processors. With the market brimming with devices offering portable gaming experiences, the anticipation for what the new MSI gaming handheld will bring is quite high. But we will know soon, as MSI plans to unveil more about this gaming handheld during CES 2024 next week.

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