Fortnite Chapter 5 Map Leaked: Currently codenamed HELIOS


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Fortnite Chapter 5 Map Leaked: Currently codenamed HELIOS

You’re probably familiar with Fortnite’s dedicated dataminers. They’re always delving deep into the game’s code, uncovering leak after leak. Now, following the buzz about Fortnite’s surge in popularity across all platforms due to the return of the ‘OG map’, another exciting leak about the Fortnite Chapter 5 map has caught the attention of players worldwide.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Map Leaked

A prominent leaker, HYPEX recently shared an image, initially posted by user ImPeQu, which is claimed to showcase the ‘unfinished’ Fortnite Chapter 5 map. While ImPeQu did reveal additional details about specific textures set for the Chapter 5 map, it’s the incomplete map graphic that has ignited the most discussion among fans.

It goes by the codename ‘HELIOS’, but beyond recognizing it as a Greek ‘Titan’ linked with the sun, we don’t have much else to infer from this possible naming convention.

In terms of layout, it strongly resembles Chapter 2, especially judging by the minimap’s graphics. This could potentially indicate a new timeline. The map encompasses Grasslands, Snow, and Mountain Biomes, and it appears to feature approximately 9-10 Points of Interest (POIs) from initial impressions.

The full image claimed to be Fortnite’s Chapter 5 map is intriguing at first glance, but it doesn’t reveal much about the content of the upcoming Chapter.

Currently, millions of players are thoroughly enjoying the reappearance of the OG map from Chapter 1. They might not be too pleased if Epic Games decides to replace it with something new.

For many Fortnite enthusiasts, the return of the Chapter 1 map in Chapter 4 Season 5 was a dream come true. This one-month season is set to undergo weekly hotfixes, gradually transforming the island. The first week mirrors Chapter 1 Season 6, followed by amalgamations of Seasons 7-8, and then Seasons 9-10 (X). The Chapter 1 map reintroduces 18 Points of Interest (POIs), including beloved locations like Tilted Towers, Greasy Grove, and Retail Row. Each Weekly update will introduce fresh biomes and elements, such as a snow biome and Jetpacks.

Well, Fortnite OG Season 4 Chapter 5 was welcomed with great excitement. It brings back some of the iconic locations from the original 2018 map. So, it’ll be interesting to see how fans react to this new development.

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