Spider-Man 2 Ending Explained: post-credits, aftermath, new characters, more


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Spider-Man 2 Ending Explained: Cindy Moon, Goblin, Carnage & More

The ending of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is enjoyable, with the defeat of Kraven and Venom. But the post-credit scenes made players curious about what’s next for Spider-Man. In this article, we’ll break down what happens in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 ending.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Ending Explained

At the end of Spider-Man 2, some important things happen in the story. Peter Parker decides to take a break from being Spider-Man for a while. A new character named Cindy Moon is introduced. The Green Goblin becomes a big problem. Also, new villains are forming a group called the Sinister Six, and Carnage is back. Peter’s break from being Spider-Man explains why the next game will focus on Miles Morales instead of Spider-Man 3.

Ending Aftermath Scene

  • Harry Osborn is saved from Venom but falls into a deep sleep. His dad, Norman Osborn, wants to make a special “G-serum” like the one he used to become the Green Goblin in the comics and movies.
  • Mary Jane Watson decides to move in with Peter, and she quits her job at the Daily Bugle to start her podcasting career.
  • Peter Parker works on a charity called the Emily-May Foundation, which helps people in need.
  • Peter and Mary Jane focus on their life together, and Peter stops being Spider-Man for a while.
  • During this time, Miles Morales becomes the only Spider-Man in New York City.
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Mid-Credits Scene

Norman Osborn, who is upset about his son Harry’s condition, goes to a high-security prison called The Raft to talk to Otto Octavius. Osborn wants to know the secret identities of the Spider-Men because he thinks they’re responsible for what happened to Harry. Octavius, who seems to take pleasure in Osborn’s suffering, tells him that he’s working on the last part of his plan.

Post-Credits Scenes

In the first post-credits scene of the new Spider-Man 2 movie, Norman Osborn goes to visit Dr. Octopus in prison. He’s still mad at Spider-Man for his son’s condition and wants to know who Spider-Man is. But Dr. Octopus won’t tell him. Instead, he mentions that he’s working on a mysterious book and calls it “the final chapter.”

In the second scene after the Ending credits, Miles Morales is at home with his mom, Rio. She’s about to introduce Miles to her new boyfriend. But Miles also has someone special in his life, a girl named Hailey. Right when they’re about to meet, there’s a knock on the door, and Rio introduces a man named Albert Moon and his daughter Cindy. We don’t see Cindy’s face; we just see her waving hello to Miles, Rio, and Hailey.

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Also, at the end of Spider-Man 2, it hints that the Green Goblin, a famous Spider-Man villain, is coming back. In the game, there’s a special serum called the G-serum, and Norman Osborn’s team finishes it to help his son. There’s a possibility that Harry, his son, might become the Green Goblin, but the post-credit scene for the Spider-Man 2 game Ending suggests it will be Norman who becomes the Green Goblin.

The Green Goblin will be more powerful and dangerous than any bad guys Spider-Man has faced. He’s teaming up with Otto Octavius, which means they will launch a big attack.

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