Genshin 3.6 banner 4-star characters and weapons revealed by new leaks


Information on Genshin 3.6 banner 4 star characters has been awaited by the fans eagerly, and new leaks have revealed the possible banner characters and the phases in which they will release in.

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Genshin 3.6 banner 4-star characters and weapons revealed by new leaks

One of the most important and interesting features of Genshin Impact, an action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo, is the ever-growing roster of characters the title carries. With each new update, there is always something to add to this list.

Updates have two banner cycles. We usually get two 5-star characters or 3 4-star characters. And after this banner cycle is over, it will be a long time before players have the chance to draw a new Five Star character like this again. 

The Genshin 3.6 update has much more planned, including Baizhu and Kaveh, a new Abyss lineup, and a series of new events and quests that will provide fans with new weapons and characters announced during the 3.6 livestream.

And now, a Genshin Impact leak has revealed the three of the 4-star characters that will appear in the first banner of the 3.6 update.

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Genshin 3.6 banners

Two well-known Sumeru characters—the Dendro user Nahida and the star of the Zubayr Theater known as Nilou—will be featured in the upcoming Limited Genshin 3.6 Banner, according to the recently held Special Program event.

Two new characters, Baizhu and Kaveh, will be included in the second portion of the upcoming update, according to Genshin Impact’s 3.6 livestream event. With Kaveh being a four-star rarity and Baizhu being a new five-star character, players can ask for both of them to be granted the same Genshin 3.6 banner. The five-star Cryo user Ganyu will also get a rerun in the second banner cycle.

Nilou and Nahida’s banners, which are included in the Twirling Lotus and Moongrass’ Enlightenment event wishes, respectively, serve as the starting point for Phase 1 of the 3.6 update.

The 4-star Dendro Claymore user Kaveh and 5-star Baizhu will be highlighted in the ” Immaculate Pulse” event wish in Phase 2 of the 3.6 banner schedule. This event wish will take place from May 2 to May 24. Moreover, Ganyu’s banner from the 5-star Cryo Bow event will be displayed in the Adrift in the Harbor event wish.

Now adding to this, Tao, who has established himself as a credible leaker, has released new information on both the first and second Genshin 3.6 banner 4-star characters, as well as the weapon banners.

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Genshin 3.6 banners 4 star characters leak

Nilou and Nahida will be part of Phase 1 of Genshin 3.6 banners, while the Ganyu and Baizhu banners will be offered in Phase 2.

Now, adding to this Tao revealed the Genshin 3.6 banner 4-star characters.

Genshin 3.6 banner 4-stars in phase 1:

  • Kuki Shinobu
  • Dori
  • Layla

Genshin 3.6 banner 4-stars in phase 2:

  • Kaveh
  • Fischl
  • Candace

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Genshin 3.6 Weapon banners leak

As per 77__oat, we will get Nahida and Nilou’s weapon during the first half of the 3.6 patch update, and after that Ganyu and Baizhu’s signature 5-star weapon – Jadefall’s Splendor will be a part of 2nd half of the event wish banner.

In addition, five other 4-star weapons will see a significant increase in drop rates. And leakers are yet to share the 4 stars of the Genshin 3.6 weapon banner. Players will get the following weapons on Genshin Impact 3.6 weapon banner:

  • A Thousand Floating Dreams (Catalyst)
  • Key of Khaj-Nisut (Sword)

As for the phase 2 Genshin 3.6 weapon banner, we only know of the following two 5-stars:

  • Amos’ Bow [Bow]
  • Jadefall’s Splendor (Catalyst)

Every Genshin Impact banner has featured two five-star characters and three four-star characters during the past few months. Five-star ratings are far more difficult to obtain because they operate on a 90-wish pity that ensures a decline within 90 wishes. The 10-wish pity for the four-star units in

Genshin Impact is split across three characters, though. 
As a result, obtaining a particular four-star character is frequently more difficult than obtaining the five-star displayed on the Limited Character Banner.

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And that is all that we know regarding the characters and weapons that will appear on the Genshin Impact 3.6 banners.

What Genshin banner is out right now?

The Transcendent One Returns, starring Shenhe, and The Heron’s Court, starring Kamisato Ayaka, are the two current Genshin banners. Dehya will also be included in the standard banner starting with version 3.6.

Who’s Genshin banner is next?

It is anticipated that the Genshin Impact next banner, which will include Nahida and Nilou, would debut on April 12 along with the first batch of Genshin 3.6 banners. This future banner’s featured four-star characters have not yet been determined though.

Which banner is the best Genshin Impact?

The best Genshin Impact banner to use if you wish to obtain a certain five-star character is the Character Event Wish banner. Certain five-star characters are available when this Wish banner is active for a limited period.

Which banner to pull Genshin Impact?

Any character that is required to complete your team in the game is the one whose banner you should pull in Genshin Impact. Usually, with any banner, miHoYo offers 3 4-star characters and a 5-star.

Will Genshin characters have a 3rd rerun?

Yes. There is no limit to the amount of time that a character gets a rerun in Genshin Impact.

We will update you with the new information, so keep following Gamevro.

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