Genshin Impact Fontaine characters: 18 new characters for upcoming 4.x updates leaked


A new Genshin Impact Fontaine characters leak has introduced a thrilling cast of 18 brand-new members of the character roster who will make their official appearance in the eagerly awaited 4.x upgrades.

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Genshin Impact Fontaine characters: 18 new characters for upcoming 4.x updates leaked

The popular action role-playing game Genshin Impact was created and released by miHoYo. The game, which is set in the fantastical land of Teyvat, tells the tale of the Traveller, an enigmatic character who sets out on a quest to locate their missing sibling.

The players are now exploring Sumeru, and Fontaine is the next location. One of the seven countries in the Teyvat-based world of Genshin Impact is Fontaine. It is a city-state that is tucked away in the middle of Mondstadt and is renowned for its beautiful architecture and extensive cultural history. The residents of Fontaine are proud and well-educated, and they place a high value on literature, music, and the arts.

In Genshin Impact, Fontaine is home to a wide variety of characters, each with their own unique personalities and skills.

A significant Genshin Impact Fontaine characters leak from January revealed the designs of a number of forthcoming characters, and now a new leak suggests that almost 18 playable characters will be added in the upcoming Fontaine patches.

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Genshin Impact Fontaine characters leak

Based on the most recent concept art, @HutaoLover77 published a post discussing the upcoming Genshin Impact Fontaine characters.

In the upcoming Genshin 4.x patches, there may be a total of 18 new Fontaine characters, according to the leaker. They provided a thorough breakdown that indicates the number of particular character models before and after the 4.0 updates.

The leaker said the following on upcoming Fontaine characters:

  • One Chibi girl (small height model)
  • Four boys (medium height model)
  • Eight girls (medium height model)
  • Two tall men (tall height model)
  • Three tall women (tall height model)

Not only the model height, but the leaker also specified who these Genshin Fontaine characters are who have leaked artwork or models.

The list of upcoming 18 new Genshin Fontaine characters includes:

  1. “Chibi Nurse” (Chibi girl)
  2. Lyney (Four boys)
  3. Freminet (Four boys)
  4. “Lion Dance Boy” (Four boys)
  5. “Heterochromia Boy” (Four boys)
  6. Lynette (Eight girls)
  7. Furina/Focalors/Hydro Archon (Eight girls)
  8. Charlotte (Eight girls)
  9. “Goth Girl” (Eight girls)
  10. “Purple Hair Girl” (Eight girls)
  11. Chiori (Eight girls)
  12. “Liyue Girl” (Eight girls)
  13. “Mummy Girl” (Eight girls)
  14. Wriothesley (Two tall men)
  15. Neuvillette (Two tall men)
  16. “Blonde Hair Female” (Three tall women)
  17. “Captain R” (Three tall women)
  18. Arlecchino (Three tall women)

While half of these characters lack official names and are generally identified by cryptic nicknames, the majority of these Fontaine characters have images that have been released online.

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Rarities of leaked Genshin Impact Fontaine characters

At the moment we are unsure of each of these Fontaine characters’ rarity, however, we do have a general notion of what to anticipate.

But before that, it is important to note that although these individuals will appear in upcoming Fontaine updates, not all of them are locals. For example, Arlecchino is from Snezhnaya, and it has been revealed that the “Mummy Girl” is from Sumeru.

Fontaine will reportedly have two 5-star men and seven 5-star women, according to a previous leak from Uncle A. Liyue, in contrast, is said to also have one 4-star male and one 5-star female. That makes it a total of:

  • 5-star male: 2
  • 5-star female: 8
  • 4-star male: 1

That would explain 11 of the 18 Fontaine characters mentioned above from the earlier disclosure.

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Who are the upcoming Genshin Impact Fontaine characters?

Now that we know what to anticipate from miHoYo in terms of Genshin Impact Fontaine characters, let’s get a broad picture of who they are and how they look.

Genshin Furina: Hydro Archon/Focalors

The most obvious leaks show a young woman with white hair wearing formal attire. Because leakers are supporting this hypothesis, many fans think she is the Hydro Archon, Focalors.

Genshin Lynette

Lyney and Lynette, the twins seen in the Fontaine section of the Teyvat Chapter Storyline teaser, also appear as different models in the leaked character lineup. Lynette is most certainly going to be in Genshin 4.0 banner because she is one of the Fontaine characters and miHoYo releases the new regions’ character in its first update.

genshin lynette, genshin lyney, genshin fontaine characters, genshin impact fontaine characters
Genshin Impact Lynette and Lyney

Genshin Lyney

A young man with violet eyes, fair skin, and a braided hairstyle was displayed as the model for Genshin Lyney. He was seen donning a top hat and a cape that was black and ribboned with red. As of right now, the model that was released has proven that Lyney will look just like he does in Teyvat’s trailer.

Genshin Sumeru Mummy Girl

One of the characters mentioned in recent leaks that allude to some potential new characters in Genshin Impact is Mummy Girl from Sumeru. She can be seen donning an outfit that is blue and white with golden accents. She is described in another leak as having Amber’s model type, her complexion is similar to Cyno’s. Her curly, short, black hair is white and golden.

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Genshin Wriothesley

Wriothesley from Genshin Impact is a suspected new character that will make his debut in update 4.1. Wriothesley, according to some reports, is a 5-star Cryo and one of the upcoming Fontaine characters. According to sources, he has deeply ringed eyes that look blackish-green. According to sources, he appears to be donning a grey shirt with an inverted collar and a red tie that is haphazardly tied.

Genshin Captain R

Many different designs for a new character called “Captain R” have been seen in the community, according to the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit. In one rumored image of “Captain R”, a woman with brown hair can be seen wearing a long green goat and donning a feathered hat. She is depicted with a sword and a floating apple in the character art for her. Since Captain R seemed to have so many distinct redesigns planned for her at one point in her development, SYP has hypothesized that she plays a quite significant role in the game.

Genshin Blonde Hair Female

A tall, blonde female character also has clear concept art. She is the subject of numerous rumors, one of which states that she is the second Hydro Archon. However, she is still a mystery.

Genshin Chief Justice Neuvillette

Fans of Genshin Impact initially believed that Chief Justice Neuvillette was the tall, blond female figure. However, the Chief Justice was actually a tall, silver-haired man who was wearing a blue coat that matched the alleged Hydro Archon’s attire, according to a later story from hxg.

Genshin Chibi nurse

Next, we have a small character (Chibi Nurse) who has wings on her head and light blue hair. She also has a heart-shaped bag on her hip and a pink bow with flowing ends. She is a Hydro character, according to the most current leaks.

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Genshin Goth Girl

The most noteworthy elements of another female character that was leaked are the two horns on her head and the silver hair in bunches with ribbons. Later leaks showed her whole look, which appears to be a knee-high boot-matched dress in shades of black and burgundy.

Genshin Purple Hair Girl

Next, there is a girl with long purple hair who is decked up in a black and burgundy outfit, a conductor’s hat, and white thigh-highs. Unfortunately, not much is known about this Fontaine character at this time.

Genshin Freminet

In Genshin Impact, Freminet is the unannounced playable character with a 4-star rarity. According to leaks, this new hero lives and works in Fontaine and will be launched in the Genshin Impact 4.0 update.

Genshin Arlecchino

One of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers who work for the Tsaritsa and are from Snezhnaya is Arlecchino. She is referred to as The Knave, and although this has not yet been established, she is most likely the tenth Harbinger. She seems to be a female character, who has short blonde hair with a black stripe.

genshin arlecchino, genshin fontaine characters, genshin impact fontaine characters
Genshin Impact Arlecchino model from the official artbook

Genshin Lion Dance Boy

It’s thought that the boy with the white hair in the picture is a brand-new Liyue figure. Another clue about this character is that numerous leakers are calling him the “Lion Dance Boy,” which has led to speculation that he might work as an entertainer like Yun Jin or in a related field.

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Genshin Charlotte 

Charlotte is another figure who appeared in the significant January Fontaine characters leak. This new character was released in Genshin 3.7 as an NPC, but leaks indicate that future Fontaine updates would allow players to control her.

Genshin Chiori

In her voice ines, Kirara introduced a brand-new character from Fontaine by the name of Chiori. Chiori was presented by Kirara as an old customer who had treated the delivery woman in Inazuma with a lot of kindness. Chiori, according to Kirara, is an Inazuma-based fashion designer. In Fontaine, she is the owner of a clothing store. Genshin Impact’s playable characters frequently discuss other playable characters and units. Therefore, Chiori might eventually become a playable unit.

Genshin Liyue Girl

Yaoguang, the Liyue girl’s role name in the Liyue Qixing, the Liyue community’s governing body, is not the character’s real name. She is described by Gandhi as a “Geo support character.” Yaoguang’s real name is unknown, however, some speculate that she may be related to Yueling, another figure who has been leaked and who is said to possess the Geo element.

Genshin Heterochromia Boy

There is another leaked character whose model has been described in text only. It is rumored that he is a Fontaine male character with heterochromia and messy hair.

And that is all we have for the upcoming Genshin Impact Fontaine characters, complete with recent and past leaks.

We will update you with the new information, so keep following Gamevro.

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