GTA 6 announcement date and a possible collaboration reportedly leaked


GTA 6 announcement date, possible release window, and a Joe Rogan Experience collaboration have reportedly leaked.

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GTA 6 announcement date and a possible collaboration reportedly leaked

As of now, Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive, the parent company, have not issued any official announcements about GTA 6. However, in the midst of this information vacuum, leaks have emerged, further stoking the already blazing fires of anticipation.

Recent leaks have hinted at significant revelations regarding the GTA 6’s release and potential collaboration, but their authenticity has stirred quite a commotion among fans.

GTA 6 Announcement Date leak

The Grand Theft Auto franchise stands as one of the most iconic and beloved in the gaming world, and the anticipation surrounding GTA 6 is palpable. Rockstar Games has been heeding the fervent requests of fans and is currently hard at work on the next installment of this legendary series. Yet, the excitement within the GTA community is so intense that fans are scouring the internet for even the slightest tidbits of information on GTA 6.

One particularly noteworthy leak pertains to the purported GTA 6 announcement.

A Twitter account (currently known as X) named GTA6posts, shared an audio recording claimed to be a leaked voice note from Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Take-Two Interactive. This voice note allegedly talks about both the GTA 6 announcement and release dates.

According to the now-removed X post, Zelnick’s voice can be heard saying, “An announcement is expected very soon this October 23rd,” and “The next GTA is expected to launch on October 24.”

If we are to trust this leak, it suggests that the official GTA 6 announcement may come as early as the following month, with the game itself slated for release one year later. However, as is often the case with leaks and rumors in the gaming industry, it’s imperative to take this information with a degree of skepticism.

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Validity of GTA 6 Announcement Audio Leak and Possible Collab

The leaked GTA 6 announcement audio recording gave the impression of being from a high-level meeting within Take-Two Interactive. During this meeting, Zelnick appeared to unveil their intention to announce GTA 6 in October 2023, followed by its release the subsequent year. This revelation naturally sent ripples of excitement through the fanbase.

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GTA 6 is expected to launch in October 2024.

Yet, this excitement soon turned into a heated debate as various sources claimed that the recording was a forgery, generated through the use of artificial intelligence tools. Consequently, fans found themselves sharply divided on the matter, with some staunchly believing in its authenticity, while others concurred that it was indeed an AI-generated fabrication.

Adding an intriguing layer to this swirling sea of GTA 6 rumors is a report, featured on the widely-read subreddit r/GamingLeaksAndRumours, suggesting a potential collaboration with Joe Rogan for GTA 6.

The report, attributed to a source purportedly close to Rockstar Games, hints at the inclusion of episodes from Joe Rogan’s immensely popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, in the in-game radio. The Joe Rogan Experience enjoys a colossal global following and frequently delves into discussions surrounding conspiracy theories, making it an enticing addition to the GTA 6 universe.

In light of these tantalizing speculations and revelations, the fervent GTA community now finds itself in a waiting game. All eyes are on Rockstar Games, as fans eagerly await the official reveal of the GTA 6 announcement and release date.

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