GTA 6 Leaks: Characters, Plotline, Locations, and more


GTA 6 leaks have revealed a lot of details about the upcoming game including its characters, plotline, locations, and more.

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GTA 6 is proving to be one of the most anticipated reveals of all time. And in the midst of all this excitement if a leaker who alleges to have revealed information about the title’s characters and stories, it is like putting gasoline on a fire. Everyone has their ears pricked now.

Rockstar Games has been silent for a lot of time now about GTA 6. But after all this time, they’ve finally revealed that the title’s development is well underway and that we’ll be seeing this incredible sandbox franchise continue.

As if to make us suffer even more, the developers have not revealed any details at all about anything, like characters, plotline, locations, etc. But of course, that has not stopped leakers and insiders from alleging that they have some information about this at their hands.

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GTA 6 Characters and Plotline leak

Right now, with whatever details we have on our hands to play with, we can speculate that GTA 6 takes gamers back to the iconic Vice City. They’ll get involved in a huge crime war, that’ll probably take place across continents.

Another huge GTA 6 leak would be that the game will see a female character added to the roster of playable characters finally.

This supposedly true leak comes from a Twitter user – Matheubr9895_. This person has almost become a go-to source for fans of GTA that whatever details they can get their hands on about the new installment. Matheubr9895_ has dropped some hints and reveals about GTA Online and GTA 6 changes.

Going by this leaker, Rockstar Games has decided to have the main GTA 6 characters be siblings. He tweets that “The idea that Rockstar Games proposed was the story of 2 brothers – 1 male and 1 female – who separated after their parents were killed, in the Prologue in 2003.” This tweet came on April 2, 2022.

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Matheus also seems to be opposing the idea that the game will take place across many decades. He says that GTA 6 plotline will be based on a modern take on things, somewhat like GTA 5. But in the end, he adds that only the year 2024 will tell what is actually going to happen.

Although Matheus has been true about the information he has leaked before, it is still a wise decision to take this information with a grain of salt. Until Rockstar Games themselves give us details about what they are working on with GTA 6 story and characters, we only have speculations to go on.

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GTA 6 Casino changes

Well, now that we’ve talked about what the leaks say about the storyline, let’s get into another really interesting GTA 6 leak.

This one alleges that huge changes are going to be introduced in GTA 6 Casinos, and there is even the possibility of a battle royale to be included for online play. This massive leak was posted to Reddit on 28 March of this year.

Of course, there is no way to see if this leak will hold out. But still, it grabbed the attention of the community with some really awesome possibilities for the GTA 6 casino and online play.

Now, if we take this leak from GTA_VI_Leak, a Reddit user, to be true, then the casino in GTA 6 will take on the characteristics of a real-life gamin house more than ever before. A lot of games of chance are being introduced. And so is the chance of being able to gamble online in single-player. The slot machines will of course be coming back.

The leaked list of all the GTA 6 games that will be introduced in the casino is given below.

  • Dominoes
  • Roulette
  • Texas Hold ‘Em Poker
  • Three Card Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Video Poker
  • Craps
  • Blackjack
  • Slot Machines

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GTA 6 battle royale mode?

The leak from Reddit also claimed that GTA Online will have its very own battle royale mode. The details given in the leak were that “online will contain a battle-royale-type mode where 100 players occupy an area of the map and a deadly hurricane slowly presses into a single point.” The leak continued, “Players can find weapons in cars, buildings, etc., and fight until only one remain.”

As was the case with the previous leak, so it is with this one too. Even more so than the first one. Keep in mind, though, that this leaker was the one who predicted the Dr. Dre event long before it was revealed officially.

GTA 6 Locations and timelines

Another leak tells us that GTA 6 will sport something like time travel. Gamers will travel from the 80s to the current day. The leaker claimed that he got this information from several sources. Keep in mind that this is in apparent contradiction to what Matheus said in his tweet.

The leaker of this one is Onion00048. Now, he says that the game will have three playable characters. The single-player part will be divided into two parts. Chapters 1-2 will take place in 1985 and chapters 3-5 in the modern-day.

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On top of this, GTA 6 will also have multiple locations for gamers to explore. According to Onion, the most important GTA 6 locations will be Vice City and Liberty City. And South America and Cuba will also be there. Plus, a Chicago parody will exist to some extent.

There is no need for us to mention that Onion and Matheus are more or less in contradiction about everything. And that is proof enough that until official statements are made, you shouldn’t put all your trust in any GTA 6 leak whatsoever.

We will update you with the new information as soon as it comes out, so keep following Gamevro.


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