Lost Ark Phantomwing Island: location, quests, rewards, and more


Lost Ark Phantomwing Island has a major role in the game which offers certain quests that are to be completed by the players to receive interesting rewards.

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Lost Ark, the 2.5D fantasy MMO (massively multiplayer online) action role-playing game, launched back at the end of 2019 and has since then garnered a lot of attention from the worldwide gaming community.

Lost Ark Phantomwing Island is a scenic location in the game, affording many beautiful vistas. Unique flora and glowing butterflies wander here. The one downside to this otherwise paradisical location is that it is difficult to find.

Being that it is an Adventure Island, Phantomwing won’t be available to gamers at certain times during the day. So here we are teaching you just that: how to find the Lost Ark Phantomwing Island, complete the questline here, and beat the Island Boss. Read on!

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Lost Ark Phantomwing Island Location

The location of Phantomwing Island is in the Great Sea, south-east of Rohendel and north of Punika. As mentioned, this Island is an Adventure Island, like many other islands on the Arkesia World Map, which is a limited-time event where players can participate to earn rewards.

Adventure Islands don’t have specific spawning times. So this Lost Ark Phantomwing Island appears many times a day. Keep checking Procyon’s Compass and set in-game notifications for when it could come up.

Every Lost Ark Phantomwing Island quest

On Phantomwing Island, you’ll find quite a lot of quests, and these will help you move towards getting the Island Token. If we make a list, then these Lost Ark Phantomwing Island quests are:

  • The Guide Amongst the Illusions
  • The Duty of the Last Knight
  • For Adrinne
  • Adrinne of Light and Darkness
  • A Thousand Fluttering Nights and Days (co-op quest)

The very first Lost Ark Phantomwing Island quest you want to undertake is speaking with a non-playable character called Melissa, who’ll give you “The Guide Amongst the Illusions” quest. You’ll have to find butterflies in three places here.

After this quest and a cutscene, you can start on the “The Duty of the Last Knight” quest by talking to Adrinne. Here, you’ll have to collect phantom plants from a cave. Return to her after you’re done with the task and get on the next quest to find her sword.

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Next, you’ll talk with a non-playable character who’ll show you the way to the Guard Captain on the Island. The Guard Captain will question you on Adrinne before accepting the “For Adrinne” quest. Here, you’ll have to persuade Adrinne to stay put on the Island since she’s turned into a Demon. You have to draw her sword and let her know the truth of her past. Here you’ll need to talk to Guard Captain to end the quest.

Then, get on the “Adrinne of Light and Darkness” quest from the Guard Captain, where you have to gather 20 Phantomwings. You won’t take long to find this area, as it’ll be highlighted on the mini-map. But keep in mind that this quest is a co-op quest that is needed to complete the Island Token.

Defeating the Lost Ark Phantonwing Island Boss

After you’ve accepted the “Adrinne of Light and Darkness” quest, you’ll journey to the spot indicated on the mini-map and acquire the purified energy from Phantomwings for the Guard Caption.

Well, you are in for a surprise here as Adrinne is found waiting for you in this area, as she has transformed into her Demonic form. And so begins the co-op quest, “A Thousand Fluttering Nights and Days”.

The Lost Ark Phantomwing Island boss battle has been divided into three stages here, and you’ll have to cause as much damage as possible to Adrinne and cause her to retreat. After you do this a tornado appears. Sometime later, you’ll be able to use that tornado as transport for the commute from your location to Adrinne’s second location, where you’ll continue the battle.

You’ll have to do this three times in total to defeat Adrinne and complete the co-op quest. After you’ve done this, you can go on to receive the rewards of the quest. Then you will have the chance to complete whatever quests remain and then go on to your next adventure.

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Every Lost Ark Phantomwing Island quest reward

Acquiring the Island Token is an RNG reward you are eligible to get after you have defeated Adrinne. If, however, on the off chance you do not get this Island Token on your first try, don’t worry. You can wait for Lost Ark Phantomwing Island to respawn again and then complete this co-op quest once more.

As far as the rewards are concerned, they don’t hold back after you put in the effort to complete other Island quests. The rewards are some currency, cards, and Engravings.

The other rewards you get from Phantomwing Island are Pirate coins (x5000), Rare Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Punch (x6), Legendary – Uncommon Card Pack (x3), Rare Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (Class-Exclusive) (x2), Gold (x200), Silver (x30,372), Adrinne Card, Protection Rune, and Adventure: Phantom Butterfly Secret Map.

Well, this was everything that you should be aware of to gain some incredible rewards on the Lost Ark Phantomwing Island.

We will update you with the new information as soon as it comes out, so keep following Gamevro.

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