Hogwarts Legacy 2: Rumors suggest a sequel is in the works


According to recent rumors, Hogwarts Legacy 2, a sequel to Warner Bros Games and Avalanche Software’s highly acclaimed Hogwarts Legacy is currently in the works.

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Hogwarts Legacy 2: Rumors suggest a sequel is in the works

A magical game, that allowed fans to step into the shoes of a Hogwarts student, Hogwarts Legacy was released in February 2023 and became an instant hit.

Now new speculation about a Hogwarts Legacy 2, a sequel surfaced when a well-regarded industry insider, known as “MyTimeToShineH,” took to Twitter to share some intriguing information.

Hogwarts Legacy 2 is likely in development

MyTimeToShineH has a reputation for sharing reliable news and insights from the gaming industry, and they claimed that their sources had confirmed the development of a Hogwarts Legacy sequel. “MyTimeToShineH” tweeted: “Sources confirmed that a Hogwarts Legacy sequel is in the works.”

Considering the enormous success that Hogwarts Legacy achieved both critically and commercially, the possibility of a Hogwarts Legacy 2 is not surprising. The game’s numbers speak for themselves, with a staggering 15 million copies sold and a revenue of $1 billion generated. Impressively, within just the first two weeks of its release, the game had already sold 12 million copies.

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Expectations from Hogwarts Legacy 2

Fans of Hogwarts Legacy had initially hoped for additional downloadable content (DLC) to extend their magical adventures. However, it appears that the developers, expected to be Avalanche Software once again, are setting their sights on a Hogwarts Legacy sequel instead.

The burning question is what this Hogwarts Legacy sequel might encompass. Well, to entice players back into the enchanting world of Hogwarts, developers would likely need to introduce fresh activities and new areas to keep the gameplay captivating.

Given the game’s record-breaking triumph and the current landscape of the gaming industry, a Hogwarts Legacy 2 seems like a logical progression. However, to truly captivate returning players, Avalanche Software will need to bring innovative elements to the table.

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Hogwarts Legacy 2, the sequel to the acclaimed game is likely in its early conceptual phase.

It’s important to note that the game is likely in its early conceptual phase, and official announcements may be some time away. As with any rumors and speculations, it’s advisable to approach this news with caution until confirmed by reliable sources.

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Previously, there were reports that Hogwarts Legacy would not receive any DLC. During IGN Fan Fest 2023, the game’s director, Alan Tew, clarified that the development team had no plans for DLC or expansions as they had been fully focused on bringing the game to life.

However, despite the absence of planned DLC, the developer has been actively supporting the game post-launch through updates. The most recent update addressed various performance improvements and lingering issues on consoles and PCs. Notably, it fixed problems related to Owl Mail, which had been causing trouble with sequential missions. Additionally, rare crashes occurring during specific in-game world events have been resolved.

Hence, there are all the possibilities that these plans could change in the future.

All of this news arrives during a spectacular year for the gaming industry. With highly anticipated releases like Starfield, set for a full launch on September 6, and critically acclaimed titles such as Baldur’s Gate 3 and Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom earning praise, 2023 is shaping up to be an extraordinary year for gamers. However, it was Hogwarts Legacy that set the standard, breaking records with its February release. As a result, fans have high expectations for the forthcoming sequel, Hogwarts Legacy 2.

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