Spider-Man 2 Venom: how to beat Venom easily in the game?


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How to beat Venom in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

The Venom boss fight in Spider-Man 2 is an exciting and intense battle at the end of the game. It has five different stages, which can be quite challenging. But don’t worry, we’ll help you prepare with the best skills and tips. Here you will get some strategies on how to beat Venom in Spider-Man 2. 

How to beat Venom in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

To defeat Venom in the game, you have to go through 5 different phases. You’ll have a special gadget called the Sonic Disruptor to use in this fight, and you can also use the environment to your advantage. It’s important to know how to recharge your gadgets because they will be crucial in this battle. Fighting this boss will test Spider-Man’s abilities and require you to be really good at controlling him.

Let’s talk about all the phases of this fight.

Phase 1

In Phase 1 of the fight against Venom, start by focusing on dodging his attacks. The battle begins in a gym where Pete and Harry become friends and later move outside. 

Venom will use his tendrils to manipulate the environment. Dodge his moves, and when you dodge perfectly, you’ll regenerate some ability power. 

Use your Spidey Senses: dodge when they’re blue and parry when they’re orange. Remember, you can’t web him, but you can use gadgets

After you’ve chipped away about 25% of his health, he’ll transform the area, so swing to avoid his gooey attacks. Then, attack him up close and use sonic disruptors.

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Phase 2

After Venom’s first health bar is empty, there’s a cutscene. Then, this boss brings in Symbiote allies. Use your web to deal with them first. Swing away from the football field to find a big intercom system that’s great against the Symbiotes. Use it when this monstrous boss is close, then hit him with combos. 

Venom only calls in more Symbiotes when a white film covers his health bar. Remove it, and you get a chance to attack without him fighting back. 

After using Symbiote powers, follow up with combos. Try the Triangle web grabber to get close, then hit with regular attacks and gadgets.

Phase 3

In this phase, Venom will get wings which will make things tougher for Miles. Miles doesn’t have Peter’s Anti-Venom powers, and now he has to battle a big flying boss. The good news is, the first part of the fight is not too hard. Miles can quickly get close to the flying Venom using his own abilities. Plus, this flying boss follows a simple pattern when attacking. He throws projectiles at you, and you can throw them back every third time using your controls.

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Phase 4

In the second-to-last phase of the battle, Venom will fight you on the ground. The area will be covered in slimy Symbiote stuff, and you’ll find machines that can disrupt him. Use these machines and your own gadgets to interrupt Venom’s attacks. When you see a chance, attack him with combos and abilities. The final boss will use a move called Symbiote Smash, and if you can’t dodge it, try to block it for some damage. 

When Venom’s health is halfway down, he’ll grow wings again, and you can’t use the disruptors. Instead, use your abilities to attack him. He’ll shoot more projectiles, so be ready to dodge. After his combos, you’ll have a chance to attack.

Phase 5

You’ll continue the fight, and it might look like Venom is winning again. He’ll fly up into the sky, and both Spider-Men will go after him. The last part of the battle is simple. You just need to press buttons on the screen when it tells you to, and then you’ll be done. That’s it! You’ve beaten the final boss in Spider-Man 2.

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