Elden Ring Rennala – Ways to defeat the Queen of the Full Moon


Elden Ring Rennala is the second big legacy dungeon monster, and you must defeat her in order to proceed.

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Elden Ring Rennala will appear shortly after you fight the Red Wolf of Redagon in Raya Lucaria. This heritage dungeon boss isn’t a demigod herself, but her ex-husband was, and Rennala still possesses his piece of the Elden Ring as a result.

As a result, before you can go farther in the tale, you must defeat Rennala.

Elden Ring Rennala is one of the most inventive and stunning bosses in any of FromSoftware’s games, and the combat is divided into two distinct stages. Even if defeating Rennala seems difficult, we have detailed the ways to defeat Elden Ring Rennala.

Here’s what you need to do to defeat this formidable sorceress.

Elden Ring Rennala’s location

Rennala may be found at the very end of the legacy dungeon, after riding the elevator to the top of the Raya Lucaria Academy. After you’ve defeated the Red Wolf, go outdoors and follow the path around to the elevator.

A huge ball will roll towards you, which may be incredibly dangerous, but once you’ve passed it, you’ll be able to unlock a shortcut that will allow you to avoid traveling this perilous path again.

It is important to take note that the elevator is guarded by a formidable Carim Knight NPC, and thanks to his auto-parry ability there are high chances that it will spoil your day. Fight him if you like, but don’t be scared to entice him away from the elevator and then swiftly return to it to escape him and reach the boss.

You may also persuade the Knight to fall to his death down the elevator shaft by sending the lift back up and urging him to do so.

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Ways to defeat Elden Ring Rennala

Rennala’s arena is filled with crawling children dressed in graduation gowns who she refers to as her “sweetings.” She’ll summon more of these no matter how many you kill, so don’t waste your time trying to thin the herd.

These frightening kid monsters can use swipes or spells to assault you, but they’re mostly harmless on their own. However, if you are caught in a series of attacks by numerous people, you will be killed quickly. So, keep moving and don’t allow them to surround you.

Rennala will be floating in the air within a safe bubble, cradling her Elden Ring Shard like a baby and speaking beautiful words to it. She’ll also perform a spell on you now and then to resuscitate her sweetings. Her fire and glintstone spells may be devastating, so avoid her with the bookshelves.

To win this battle, seek the sweeting that is surrounded by a golden aura and assault them. You don’t need to kill them; instead, you need to break their aura. Elden Ring Rennala’s shield will be damaged, and after shattering three gold auras, her shield will be broken, and she will float down to the ground, where you can strike and injure her.

Rennala will cast an explosive spell and regain her shield after a few strong blows, so stay away from her as soon as she starts glowing, since this attack may be devastating. You’ll have to repeat the process once she casts the golden aura on another sweeting.

Remember that the more health she loses, the more assaults she launches at you, making her increasingly deadly. Her sweetings will be able to shoot books at you when surrounded by a golden aura, making them more harmful than usual, so be cautious.

A cinematic will play when you’ve reduced her health to zero, and you’ll begin phase 2 of this battle.

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Elden Ring Phase 2 of defeating Rennala

Rennala will confront you in a new arena in phase 2 and use a range of strong spells. Her assaults may be lethal to people with weak magical defenses, so stay away from them at all costs. Fortunately, she’ll telegraph them ahead of time, allowing you to evade them all with some precise timing.

Rennala has a lot of power, but she’s also a glass cannon with little health or composure. As a result, it’s in your best interest to finish the conflict as soon as possible. She will have less time to perform her spells against you as a result of this.

She’ll also make things more difficult for you by calling a Giant, a Bloodhound Knight, and a Dragon as spirit allies. Each of these monsters is difficult enough on its own, so eliminating Elden Ring Rennala before she can call them is advised.

The good thing is that these spirit buddies vanish after a few strikes, so try to avoid them and avoid engaging in combat. Concentrate solely on Rennala. It’s also a good idea to use your own spirit summons since they’ll attract some of her and her friends’ attention.

Post battle with Elden Ring Rennala

Rennala will survive the combat and relinquish her Elden Ring Shard to you, which is surprising for a Souls game. When you return to her tower, she will transform into a friendly NPC, enabling you to change your character design.

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