How to earn Starfield Credits fast and easily


This guide unveils straightforward methods to earn Starfield Credits fast and easily, ensuring you have the resources you need for your interstellar adventures.

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How to earn Starfield Credits fast and easily

In Starfield, like other Bethesda RPGs, you’ll need credits to improve your abilities, get better gear, and build a home base on your favorite planet. To make money quickly, follow these methods: complete the missions the game gives you, and use some tricks to earn more Starfield credits fast in this new galaxy. These tricks will help you gather a lot of credits so you can get everything you want in the game.

How to Earn Starfield Credits Quickly?

To earn more Starfield credits, remember to loot defeated enemies. After you defeat enemies in an area, search their bodies. Usually, human enemies carry valuable items, including credits. Even if they only have some equipment, you can sell it for extra credit quickly. So, always take a moment to collect what you can from fallen foes to boost your credits in the game.

Another tip to earn more credits in Starfield is to make sure to complete missions. The more missions you finish, the more credits you’ll get. As you progress through the main storyline and side missions, the rewards will increase. 

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Players can sell items in Starfield for extra credit quickly.

You can also try less honest ways like pickpocketing NPCs or using lockpicking skills to loot safes for extra credits, although these actions aren’t encouraged. These tips will help you build up your credits faster in the game.

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