Best Lies of P Weapons: Top 5 choices LoP


Equipping yourself with the best Lies of P weapons can be a game-changer. The top 5 weapon options will be revealed in this guide, providing you with the advantage you need in the LOP universe.

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Best Lies of P Weapons: Top 5 choices LOP

Lies of P, set to launch in September, immerses players in a city mired in turmoil. This dark reimagining of Pinocchio’s tale invites you to navigate through Krat, uncovering the gritty underpinnings of the beloved narrative. It challenges you to decipher concealed symbols and enigmas, lending depth to this delicate world.

As anticipated from a Soulslike game, combat takes center stage. Crafting a distinctive style to parry enemy assaults through clever weapon combinations is important. Lies of P weapons can be deconstructed into blades and handles, each endowed with unique attributes and motions. This grants you the freedom to fuse elements that complement your combat preference. Furthermore, these weapons can be enhanced for added reliability and durability.

Best Lies of P weapons

Clearly, the Lies of P weapons hold a lot of importance and hence we have made a list of 5 best Lies of P weapons to enhance your gameplay experience.

Greatsword of Fate

The Lies of P Greatsword of Fate carries a durability rating of 100 with a well-balanced blend of robustness and portability, rendering it a versatile option for diverse battlefield scenarios. Capable of withstanding both slashing and stabbing maneuvers, this Lies of P weapon proves adept against a range of adversaries. Living up to its name, its combined attack power of 111 is formidable, with a physical attack power of 85, allowing for a consistent barrage of devastating blows. Boasting a motivity grade of B, it strikes a commendable balance between power and swiftness, proving advantageous in various encounters.

Fable Arts:

  • Link Slash (Blade): Execute multiple slashes against an enemy in front of you. Utilizes an additional Fable slot to slash up to 3 more times.
  • Absolute Defense (Handle): Temporarily perfects blocking against enemy assaults.

Big Pipe Wrench

Endowed with a durability rating of 117, the Lies of P Big Pipe Wrench is a robust and long-lasting option for prolonged battles. It strikes a balance between weight and potency. Its primary attack mode is cutting, albeit lacking a stabbing component. Boasting a commendable total attack power of 156 and an additional physical attack of 119, this Lies of P weapon deals substantial damage. With a motivity grade of B and technique grade of D, it’s user-friendly and formidable, making it an excellent choice for players seeking a powerful yet straightforward combat tool.

Fable Arts:

  • Patient Smash (Blade): Accumulate strength for a forceful hit. Holding down the attack button triggers a more potent strike.
  • Payback Swing (Handle): A robust forward slash. Employ it right after guarding against an attack for added impact.
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Lies of P Greatsword of Fate is one of the best weapons in the game.

Live Puppet’s Axe

The Lies of P Live Puppet’s Axe an imposing greatsword with a durability of 84. Its primary attack mode, slashing, proves effective against adversaries susceptible to such strikes. Sporting a total attack power of 174 and an additional 133 in physical attacks, this Lies of P weapon delivers a formidable punch. With a B in motivity and a trailing D in technique, it suits those inclined towards a weighty, slashing-centered combat style. While slightly lacking in design, it’s an excellent choice for those favoring impactful, slashing-centric engagements.

Fable Arts:

  • Killer Attack (Blade): Execute a swinging attack for heavy damage.
  • Endure (Handle): Allows temporary resistance against enemy assaults.

Exploding Pickaxe

Known for its remarkable endurance of 100, the Lies of P Exploding Pickaxe is surprisingly lightweight at 18.1 units. This makes it an attractive option for those desiring both power and speed. Despite the absence of a stabbing ability, this Lies of P weapon yields a commendable overall attack power of 132 with an additional 101 points in physical attack. With a motivity grade of B, it delivers damage effectively. However, a D in technique highlights a slight lack of finesse.

Fable Arts:

  • Flamestrike (Blade): Propel forward, leap, and deliver a downward blow. This action triggers fire explosions causing Fire damage to surrounding enemies. Post-attack, your weapon is temporarily imbued with Fire.
  • Conserve Energy (Blade): Temporarily reduces Stamina consumption.

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Puppet’s Saber

Differing from the Red Lightsaber, the Lies of P Puppet’s Saber boasts an impressive durability of 140, yet weighs a mere 9.1 units. This renders it an attractive choice for agile combatants, blending prolonged life and high mobility. Excelling in slashing attacks, it dispatches foes susceptible to such strikes with ease. Lacking a stabbing feature, this Lies of P weapon may be less effective in situations demanding pinpoint thrusts.

With 100 attack points and an additional 78 in physical attack, it proves reasonably potent offensively. While not the mightiest, it inflicts substantial damage, particularly with rapid attacks or evasive maneuvers. The Puppet’s Saber excels in efficiency without necessitating overly intricate techniques, catering to those favoring a straightforward combat approach.

Fable Arts:

  • Storm Slash (Blade): Execute multiple slashes against an enemy in front of you.
  • Concentrate (Handle): Temporarily boosts ATK.

Note: Usage of your Lies of P weapon—be it for guarding or attacking—gradually depletes its durability. The Grinder item, obtained early in the game, allows for its restoration. Even in the midst of combat, a few seconds of grinding suffice to restore durability to maximum levels, enabling you to continue the fight.

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