AC Mirage Ivory Coin’s Brooch: Easy guide to find the brooch


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AC Mirage Ivory Coin’s Brooch: Easy guide to find the brooch.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage goes back to its roots of stealth and assassinations. The previous three games were more about adventure and RPG elements, but this time it focuses more on sneaking and killing quietly.

In the game, you have to find a special item called the Ivory Coin’s Brooch as part of a quest. This guide will show you exactly how to find the Ivory Coin’s Brooch in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

How to find Assassin’s Creed Mirage Ivory Coin’s Brooch?

The game only gives you a general idea of where to look for it, but you can use your eagle vision to help you find AC Mirage Ivory Coin’s Brooch. Follow the steps given below to easily get the brooch:

Step 1: Go to the north side of The Bazaar and chat with the soldier blocking the door. He’ll tell you that you need the Ivory Coin’s Brooch to get inside.

Step 2: Turn around and walk straight to the other end of the Bazaar on the south side. Use your scanner (Dpad Left) to locate a lady selling spices; she’ll be marked in yellow. Talk to her. She’s the last merchant before the exit in the southeast of the Bazaar. She’ll mention that the Ivory Coin members are in the southwest.

Step 3: Head toward the southwest exit of the Bazaar. You’ll encounter a guard talking to a guy along the way. Defeat the guard, then enter the next room on the left. In the right corner, you’ll find two soldiers guarding the brooch. You can use your scanner to locate it, marked in yellow.

Step 4: Return to where you began and talk to the soldier guarding the door. If you also took the Chinese Hairpin from the merchant on the balcony (marked with an orange icon), you can now enter the door.

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