Pikmin 4 Raw Materials: How to obtain essential resources and use them


It is important to know how to obtain Pikmin 4 Raw Materials and use them in the game to have a smooth gameplay experience.

Pikmin 4 Raw Materials
Pikmin 4 Raw Materials Guide

Over the last two decades, only three Pikmin games have been released, with the fourth installment, Pikmin 4, releasing on July 21, 2023. However, each of these titles has been extremely dear to their fans’ hearts. Now, after a decade-long wait, Nintendo Entertainment is back with the latest and fourth installment in the franchise, Pikmin 4.

The concept will remain the same. The player is given control of a small breed of (cute) creatures named Pikmin. The task is to track down lost civilians and officers in danger as well as treasures. But the story doesn’t end there. To be able to accomplish this task, the player needs to have resources at their disposal. Resources like raw material.

That’s when said player would click on this article and learn all about how to obtain Pikmin 4 Raw Materials and use it. Here we go!

Obtaining Pikmin 4 Raw Materials

Surprisingly, raw materials are a dime a dozen in Pikmin 4. All you need to do is look out for light blue rocks sitting right in the middle of your way, and these are Pikmin 4 Raw Materials.

There will be piles of them, each containing a different quantity depending on which stage you are in. Now, every pile will show about many raw materials there are in it. That is the number of Pikmin’s needed to carry all of the pile back to the ship. For example, if the number floating above a pile is 10, then you’d need 10 Pikmins for transportation. Of course, whether you choose to take all of the pile is entirely your choice.

However, if you only allow three or four Pikmins to harvest a pile of 10 raw materials, they will keep making trips to and back from the ship till the pile is finished. After that, they will wait near the ship. Meanwhile, other Pikmins can be assigned to other tasks.

Also, there is another way to obtain Pikmin 4 Raw Materials and that is by destroying electrified barriers.

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Uses of Pikmin 4 Raw Materials

That is all well and good, you will say, but what do I use raw materials for? The answer is that after you make some progress in the game, you will meet and rescue an officer called Russ.

This Russ can convert Pikmin 4 Raw Materials into useful items like gears. Take for instance Otachi, the space dog. Players can gift it a pretty Scorch Guard that grants fire resistance for a mere 100 raw materials. If you only want to protect your fellow Pikmins from fire, however, you would need even less, just 50 raw materials.

Another use of raw materials is the manufacture of items like Scrummy Bones. This can be used for healing Otachi. One more way to use them is to take them back to the S.S. Beagle and turn them into all-purpose clay.

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Well, Pikmin 4 Raw Materials are of a lot of use and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to collect them too, so players should prepare to hop onto the game as soon as possible and collect as many raw materials as possible.

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