Spider-man 2 Parrying: how to parry in Spider-Man 2 to easily counter-attack enemy


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Spider-man 2 Parry: how to parry in Spider-Man 2 to counter-attack enemy

Parrying can be tough in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, especially in hard situations. Early parrying is the safest because it reduces damage and has a wide time window. But if you wait until the last moment to parry, it makes enemies vulnerable to a counter-attack. This works well against some tough enemies like big ones with melee weapons and certain bosses.

This guide will explain how to parry in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Parrying Skill: How to Parry in Spider-Man 2?

In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 video game, you can defend yourself by parrying attacks from enemies. To do this, you need to press the L1 button on your controller just before an enemy’s attack hits you. You can tell the right time to parry by watching for the Spidey Sense effect around Spider-Man’s head, which turns red when it’s time to press L1. If you do it correctly, Spider-Man will block the attack and stun the enemy, making them vulnerable to your counter-attacks.

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As you progress in the game, you can improve your parrying skills. You can find these skills in the Skills menu under the Shared tab for both Peter and Miles. Two useful skills are “Parry Disarm” and “Parry: Web Blast.” Parry Disarm makes light enemies drop their weapons when you successfully parry, and Parry: Web Blast allows you to web up an enemy after a successful parry, adding extra abilities to your web attacks.

Remember to follow up a successful parry with an attack. This is called a “Parry Follow-Up.” Parrying enemies and then attacking them is an effective way to defeat tough opponents in the game. So, try to parry whenever you can to make your fights easier and more efficient.

You can’t ignore parrying entirely, but against regular enemies, it’s optional. Waiting for a late parry is riskier but can be more rewarding.

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