Starfield Crew: easy ways to recruit crew members in Starfield


Use this guide to discover how to recruit Starfield crew members to outposts as they offer useful talents in your ships and Starfield outposts.

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Starfield Crew: How to recruit crew members in Starfield

In Starfield, your crew is like the team that keeps your spaceship working well. But sometimes, you might wonder if some of them should do something more useful than just hanging around in the Lodge. Each Starfield crew member has special skills, so it’s smart to put them in jobs that match their talents. But finding the right place to do that in the game can be tricky. Here’s how to make sure your crew is doing the best they can in Starfield, so you can get the most from them. Let’s find out how to recruit your Starfield crew.

How to Recruit Your Starfield Crew?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to assign your crew members in Starfield to specific locations:

  • Open the Main Menu.
  • Look for the ‘Character’ section and click on it.
  • Now, find and click on the ‘Ship’ tab. It’s usually located at the bottom left corner of the page.
  • To access the Crew menu, you can do one of the following: Press the ‘C’ key on your keyboard. If you’re playing on an Xbox, press the ‘Y’ button on your controller.

Following these steps will get you to the Crew menu in the ‘Ship’ tab. 

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starfield crew, starfield crew members, crew members in starfield, how to recruit crew members in starfield, how to assign starfield crew
There are plenty of companions and crew members in Starfield with whom you can go on adventures.

Afterward, on the menu, you can check out info about all your Starfield crew members, like what they’re good at and where they’re working now. If you think someone should work in a different place, click their name, and you’ll see where you can put them. Just choose the new spot.

You can move your Starfield crew to other spots on your ship or to an outpost you made, but there must be room. If it’s full, you’ll have to unassign some crew members from there before moving others.

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