Starfield Ship Customization: easy guide to customize and dock ship in Starfield


With our comprehensive guide to Starfield Ship Customization, learn how to quickly and easily customize and dock your ship in the vastness of space.

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Starfield Ship Customization: easy guide to customize and dock ship in Starfield

In Starfield, a space RPG, you have the option of ship customization, which is essential for traveling, fighting, and trading in the vast universe. Your ship also reflects your character and role, whether you’re a bounty hunter or a trader. Bethesda has made ship customization a big part of the game. Learning to dock is crucial too, allowing you to land on both ships and space stations across various galaxies, making it a significant aspect of gameplay. Therefore, let’s know everything about ship customization and how to dock ships in Starfield.

Starfield Ship Customization Guide

Players have lots of freedom to customize their spaceship. You can change how it looks, pick your crew, and upgrade parts to make it better. Many manufacturers are supplying different parts, and you can choose the colors and where they go. 

Your ship has stats that mean you can make your ship truly unique and suited to your style of play. When you want to go ahead with ship customization, you’ll see 14 important pieces of information on the Starfield Ship Customization screen. These details tell you important things about your ship:

  • BAL
  • Cargo
  • Crew
  • Hull
  • Jump Range (Light Years)
  • LAS
  • Mass
  • Mobility
  • MSL
  • Shield
  • Top Speed
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Players can see 14 important pieces of information on the Starfield Ship Customization screen
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How to do Ship Customization in Starfield?

Now that we know the basics, let’s talk about “How to Customize Ship in Starfield?”

To customize your ship, you’ll need to chat with a ship technician. They offer a wide range of ship parts and upgrades for buying and selling. These changes can enhance your ship’s performance. 

Luckily, you don’t have to travel long distances to find these technicians; they’re at all the game’s spaceports. With over 1,000 planets in the game, this convenience is a relief for players. 

Plus, spaceports aren’t only on planets; you can also visit moons and space stations for ship customization. So, there are plenty of options to make your spaceship just the way you want it.

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To customize your ship in Starfield, you’ll need to chat with a ship technician.

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How to Dock Ship in Starfield?

To dock in Starfield, get close to your target within 500 meters. Then, press “E” on the keyboard or “A” on the controller to target it. If you’re close enough, a message will pop up, asking if you want to dock or communicate. Press “R” to dock with your ship or hold “X” on the controller.

Afterward, you’ll see a docking cutscene. Once it’s done, you can either go inside the ship or station you’ve docked with or leave if you want. You can dock with almost any spaceship or space station you find in the game, even if they’re your enemies.

Remember you can’t dock your ship at the beginning of the game. You have to finish a story mission called “The Old Neighborhood” first. This mission will take you to the Nova Galactic Staryard space station, which is going to be circling the Moon of Earth.

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