POP Lost Crown Sacred Archives: How to solve sacred archives puzzle and get clairvoyance power


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How To Solve Sacred Archives Puzzle in POP Lost Crown

The Sacred Archive puzzles in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown are quite tough. To get the Clairvoyance power, you need to solve them. The challenge is that you have to control multiple versions of your character, Sargon, to press switches and use powers to reach the tablet at the end of each trial—all within a time limit.

Timing is crucial because you must wait for previous Sargons to activate the platforms and walls needed for your final Sargon to reach the prize. If you want a quick solution to move on to the Pit of Eternal Sands, here’s what you need to do for each Sacred Archive puzzle.

How To Solve Sacred Archives Puzzle in POP The Lost Crown?

In Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, there are four time-based puzzles to solve to obtain the Sacred Archives Time Power. To begin each puzzle, enter through a door with a golden glow. Look for the bottom left door in the puzzle area to start the first challenge. Inside, you’ll find three statues that let you record Sargon’s movements for a short time. After recording, the next statue activates, showing Sargon’s clone repeating the recorded actions. Your goal is to use this recorded movement to open a cage door, behind which is a golden paper that you need to grab.

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Completing each puzzle makes the next set of doors appear in the area, advancing you through the game.

First Puzzle Door in Sacred Archives

In the first room, you’ll learn the basics of the puzzle by using three different Sargons to activate switches and reach your goal. Follow these simple steps:

  • Use your first Sargon to go up the left side and pull down the switch.
  • Send your second Sargon up the right side to pull down the switch on the right.
  • Once the gate opens, send your third Sargon through to grab the tablet.

Second Puzzle Door in Sacred Archives

After solving the first puzzle, you’ll be able to reach the second and third doors, which are in the upper left and lower right parts of the room. We suggest starting with the second puzzle door in the upper left corner for faster progress.

  • First, move around the gap on the top right and go left. Jump around the walls to reach a platform. Right before the timer runs out, use the Shadow of Simurgh Time Power to go back.
  • In the second round, use the time power immediately as the timer starts. Jump across the ledge, and a pressure plate will open the cage door below. Stay on the pressure plate.
  • Finally, go back through the top right gap. You’ll find the cage door and a golden paper on the right. Once Sargon’s clone steps on the pressure plate, go inside and grab the paper.
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Third Puzzle Door in Sacred Archives

To unlock the third puzzle door, follow these simple steps after finishing the second puzzle:

  • Go to the bottom right corner and interact with both the door and the statues at the same time.
  • Move to the right wall and find a lever. Hold the lever for about 4 seconds, then return to the middle platform with a pressure plate. Stand on the pressure plate.
  • In the second round, let Sargon’s clone pull the lever, creating a vertical platform. Jump using the platform and use the Rush of Simurgh Time Power to land on the left wall. Pull the lever there.
  • For the third round, go to the upper area through the gap on the right. Navigate through the platforms and grab the paper when the cage opens.

Fourth Puzzle Door in Sacred Archives

This level is quite challenging as it combines the use of the Shadow of the Simurgh ability from the second puzzle with a Sargon character having to perform multiple tasks, similar to the third puzzle.

  • Move your first character to the bottom of the room and stand on a pressure plate to open a trapdoor. After a few seconds, step off the plate and quickly step back on.
  • Use your second character to drop down onto a platform activated by the first character, then quickly jump up through the trapdoor. Activate a switch, drop back down, and get ready for the first character to step off the pressure plate.
  • While the first character is on the platform, use a special ability (Shadow of the Simurgh) to warp your third character to where the second character is. Wait for the second character to go through the trapdoor, then make your way to the top of the room to get a tablet.
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Complete four secret rooms to remove barriers and access the central portal in POP Lost Crown. Inside, you’ll find the Clairvoyance power and hence, your Sacred Archives puzzle will be solved. If you’ve also been to the Soma Tree and fought Kiana, you can proceed to the Pit of Eternal Sands to continue the story.

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