How To Increase Max Health In Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown


In Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, you can increase Sargon’s maximum health bars by finding special items called Soma Petals scattered across the Citadel. Combining four Petals forms a flower that extends your fighting time during the game. However, these artifacts are hidden in challenging areas of the map.

After defeating General Uvishka, you’ll reach the Citadel where enemies can easily overpower your initial health. To boost your health bars, you must collect four Soma Petals. Some are rewards, but many are in hard-to-reach places that require new abilities to access.

This guide provides detailed instructions on obtaining all the Soma Petals to give Sargon an extra life bar.

How to Increase Max Health in Prince of Persia the Lost Crown

To boost your maximum health in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, there are two ways to do it. First, you can find a Soma Tree Flower, which instantly increases your health. Alternatively, gather four Soma Tree Petals to achieve the same effect. While Petals are easier to find, you might need to complete quests, defeat bosses, or buy them from specific vendors.

Soma Tree Flowers are rare and are typically obtained by defeating tough bosses later in the game as you progress through the story. This is why it’s recommended to focus on collecting four Petals instead, as it’s a quicker and more accessible way to enhance your health.

There are a total of six flowers and 24 petals available for collection. This allows you to increase your health bar to a maximum of 15 bars. 

However, obtaining the maximum health requires some extra effort, as only four Soma Tree Flowers are acquired during the main quest. The remaining flowers and most of the petals can be found in chests, earned through side quests, or hidden around the map.

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