Fortnite Silas Hesk: The new skin released in January 2024 Crew Pack


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Epic Games can hardly let the New Year celebrations go by without introducing a special new skin in Fortnite. If you are on the Fortnite Crew Pack monthly membership list, then you already have Silas Hesk on the roster. This skin has a lot of amazing traits that make the design pop. It was just a few days before the previous year’s end that Epic Games put out this first news on Twitter.

Let’s see all that we know about this sneaky new Fortnite Silas Hesk skin and how we can unlock it.

Fortnite Silas Hesk: A January Crew 2024 skin release

The tradition in Fortnite has been to always bring in new characters through the Fortnite Crew pack. Now, this repeats itself every month so that players don’t bored and always have something new to look forward to. As you probably already know, Silas Hesk is the new Crew member to join Fortnite in January 2024.

The character design of Silas Hesk, who is Asian in origin, radiates secret-agent-cum-creepy-guy vibes. Donned in black and white, the design combines a shady yet classy outfit, a jacket with a black fedora hat and glasses, with a snake wrapped cozily around Hesk’s neck, and this latter item is the Serpentine Back Bling.

The weapon of choice for Silas Hesk is the Fangs of Hesk Pickaxe. This description is based on what we do know until now about this character and needless to say, Epic Games has not revealed everything about it.

How to obtain the Silas Hesk skin in Fortnite

On January 1, 2024, the Silas Hesk skin was online on Fortnite. Those players who had active subscriptions received this skin along with other awards. They also received the various accessories that are part and parcel of this skin, like the Serpentine Back Bling and the Fangs of Hesk pickaxe. The LEGO Fortnite outfit of Silar Hesk also became available to subscribers.

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Now, although the Silas Hesk Fortnite skin has been released. But this skin is not part of the free content in the game, unfortunately, so cannot obtain it by simply completing quests or other tasks.

So how do you purchase this Silas Hesk skin? That is pretty straightforward. You have to first be a part of the Fortnite January 2024 Crew Pack, and a monthly subscription. The cost is $11.99 for a month. This pack not only offers you access to all the new skins that come out every month, but you also receive the many kinds of rewards that are launched every month, like premium currency, a free Battle Pass, and accessories.

One more thing you should know about the Fortnite Crew Pack subscription is that for every month that you stay subscribed to this service in addition to the initial month, you receive new styles for the characters that you have already obtained. For example, there are five styles for Silas Hesk. So to obtain all of these five styles, you need five months of subscription.

Here’s a list of the five Silas Hesk styles:

  • Venomous Legacy
  • Auric Legacy
  • Phase Legacy
  • Rimebound Legacy
  • Cosmic Legacy
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In our opinion, if you can spare a few extra dollars, this is a reasonably priced service that offers a lot of benefits. Also, you can avoid making all those microtransactions.

However, if all you want is the original Silar Hesk skin, then all you need is to purchase one month’s subscription to the Fortnite Crew pack and that’s it. Also, keep in mind that this is the only way you can obtain this skin so don’t be led into thinking otherwise by misleading headlines or news.

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