Dungeons & Dragons Modify Memory spell: how to use it positively


Dungeons & Dragons Modify Memory spell is one of the most manipulative yet most powerful spells of the game.

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Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) is one of those games whose name you might hear a lot, but still don’t know much about it. It is a board game, that was then taken to the screen to make a gaming experience out of it. Well, to clear that confusion a bit, we’ll be discussing how to use D&D’s most controversial spell positively.

One of the most enchanting elements of D&D is having the ability to flick a key on your controller and produce a burst of magical power on the screen. For example, Power Word Kill instantly annihilates an enemy that has been a menace to your party for some time. Or the Dungeons & Dragons Silence spell, which creates a bubble of peace and quietens all the noise around you.

But not all spells have the same reaction. Some Dungeons & Dragons spells, for example, can make people uncomfortable and downright emotionally abusive. Dungeons & Dragons Modify Memory spell happens to be one of those when used in the wrong way.

However, when the D&D Modify Memory spell is used properly, even it could invoke positive results. Read on to find out how to use the Dungeons & Dragons Modify Memory spell in the correct manner.

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How the Dungeons & Dragons Modify Memory spell works

The Dungeons & Dragons Modify Memory spell is classified at the fifth level of enchantment. The only way the target of this spell can escape its sway and stop themselves from being incapacitated by it is by making a Wisdom saving throw.

In combat, if the target is fast enough to save themselves from begin hit by this spell, then they have the advantage. However, if the Dungeons & Dragons Modify Memory spell finds its mark, the target becomes oblivious to their surroundings for as long as the spell lasts. If they happen to sustain any damage or another spell hits them, the sway of the Modify Memory spell breaks and their memories are regained.

Those creatures that are immune to Charm don’t get affected by this spell.

If the Dungeons & Dragons Modify Memory spell makes contact with the target, then the caster can do whatever they like with their victim’s memory for a 10-minute span in the last 24 hours. If the spell is cast at higher levels than level five, then it can affect the memories than are further back in the past.

For example, a level six D&D Modify Memory spell can manipulate part of the memories of the last seven days. A level nine spell allows for the caster to modify any memory from any part of the target’s life. And this spell can be undone only with a Remove Curse or Greater Restoration spell. Or else, the target goes all their life with the modified memory.

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Using the Dungeons & Dragons Modify Memory spell positively

To make using this Dungeons & Dragons Modify Memory spell a positive experience, you need to follow certain steps.

The very first step would be consulting the player you are likely to cast it on. That’ll help avoid resentment later on. Another thing you should do is discuss this matter with all the members of the party to see if they are comfortable with the spell.

Now we need to understand exactly how the Dungeons & Dragons Modify Memory spell can be used for good. Consider the case of a player whose character has had a traumatic experience, perhaps involving great suffering, and this affects their performance.

Using the D&D Modify Memory spell won’t do away with that memory itself obviously, but it’ll still make it so that the player’s reaction to it is not that hostile.

Taking an example, consider the case of a character whose village was wrecked by an ancient red dragon flying out of the sky and razing their village to the ground, and the only sole survivor happens to be them. This would cause severe trauma, obviously, and could even hamper the character’s spell-casting abilities should a dragon appear before them such that they become a liability.

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Now, using the Dungeons & Dragons Modify Memory spell to change their reaction to that particular incident, but not wipe that incident out itself, could be the catalyst that causes a change in their outlook to the particular threat, in this case, dragons, and allow them to grow out of that trauma.

One other way to use this spell in a good way is to make a memory that a player forgot stronger in their mind. This happens because of the magical essence of the Feywild. Non-fey beings can lose the memory of their time spent there when they return to the Material Plane.

The bard of Vox Machina, Scanlan Shorthalt, used this Dungeons & Dragons Modify Memory spell and forced certain false memories of the Feywild into Percy’s mind because he was devasted at the loss of the memory of an experience he longed for this entire life. Scanlan did not need to implant dubious memories though, as the D&D Modify Memory spell can make a fizzy memory clearer and easier for the target to recall.

For enemies and foes, it would suffice for us to simply change the memory of that moment in their life when they made pursuing the party their primary goal. That memory could be replaced with some other, distracting them for a while. Even if the foes regain their enemies, the D&D Modify Memory spell would have bought the party some time to regroup and change their strategy for the future.

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