Skull and Bones: engaging closed beta 2023, pre-order, new editions, prices, and more


Discover the thrilling features that await aspiring pirates in the Skull and Bones universe as we delve into the closed beta and pre-order details, and examine the various editions and prices that are offered.

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The next Skull and Bones closed beta will be held in August 2023

Excitement is building for Ubisoft’s long-awaited pirate adventure, Skull & Bones. With its immersive gameplay and thrilling pirate experience, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the game.

Ubisoft recently announced the dates for the next Skull and Bones closed beta, providing players with an opportunity to get a taste of the action-packed world of pirates. Additionally, pre-orders for the game are now available across various platforms.

In this article, we’ll delve into the details of the upcoming Skull and Bones closed beta, as well as guide you through the pre-order process.

New Skull and Bones Closed Beta Announcement

Ubisoft recently announced the dates for the next closed beta of Skull and Bones. Taking place from August 25 to August 28, the closed beta will allow players to get a glimpse of the pirate adventure that awaits.

The American a cappella group Home Free sang an original Skull & Bones “sea shanty” for us at this year’s Ubisoft Forward event. Following that, Ubisoft disclosed the times for the next Skull and Bones closed beta.

The multiplayer pirate game has already had a couple of closed betas, and we were just recently promised an open beta that anybody could play, but unfortunately, you may join up for the upcoming Skull and Bones closed beta test here.

While no new gameplay was shown at the Ubisoft Forward event, cinematics featuring pirates sailing and engaging in a brief ship battle was showcased, creating anticipation for the closed beta.

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Skull and Bones Pre-Order Details

For players eager to secure their copy of Skull & Bones, pre-orders are now available across multiple platforms. Originally planned for release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2018, the game will now be available on PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

Here’s a breakdown of platforms and their associated retailers:

  • PlayStation: Skull and Bones Pre-orders can be made through the official Sony PlayStation Store or online retailers like Amazon.
  • PC: Skull & Bones Pre-orders can be placed through the Epic Games Store or the official Ubisoft Store.
  • Xbox: Pre-order availability for Xbox users is yet to be announced. Stay tuned for updates from Microsoft and online retailers like Amazon.

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How to Pre-Order Skull and Bones?

To help you pre-order Skull and Bones on your preferred platform, here’s a step-by-step guide:

For PlayStation users:

  1. Visit the Sony PlayStation website.
  2. In the top right corner, click the search button.
  3. Type “Skull and Bones,” and when the list of matches appears, select the game.
  4. Make the pre-order purchase after adding the game to your Wishlist.

For Windows PC:

  1. Visit the Ubisoft Store website.
  2. Select “Add to Wishlist” from the menu.
  3. In the upper corner, click the search field.
  4. The game can be found in the section titled “Featured Games” once you click the search bar.
  5. To be taken to the pre-order page, click the title.
  6. To finalize your purchase, click the pre-order button that is marked in green.

Note: Pre-orders of Skull and Bones for Xbox users are not currently available. Stay tuned for updates regarding pre-order availability.

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Skull and Bones Editions and Prices

Ubisoft offers two pre-order versions of Skull & Bones: the Standard Edition and the Premium Edition.

The Skull and Bones Standard Edition, priced at $69.99, includes the base game. Then, for a more immersive pirate experience, the Premium Edition, priced at $99.99, provides additional content and exclusive merchandise.

The Skull and Bones Premium Edition includes the Premium Bonus Pack, extra missions, Smuggler Pass Tokens, a digital artbook, and a digital soundtrack.

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What do we know about the Skull and Bones game?

Ubisoft’s highly-anticipated pirate-themed RPG adventure, Skull & Bones, has been a source of excitement and frustration for fans due to its numerous delays. However, it seems that the game is finally back on track and is expected to be released by the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024.

In Skull & Bones, players have the opportunity to create their pirate character and navigate the treacherous seas, managing their crew, looting resources, crafting gear, and sailing formidable ships.

Skull & Bones offer players the chance to earn respect and become a legendary pirate. By completing contracts, plundering islands, and participating in events, players can rise through the ranks and establish their reputation as the scourge of the Indian Ocean.

The game features third-person tactical gameplay in an open-world environment, allowing players to explore the vast seas as a single-player or team up with friends for intense PvP combat in the Disputed Waters area of the map. With crossplay support, players can face off against each other online, creating an immersive and dynamic pirate experience.

While the lack of a release date or gameplay footage has been disappointing, the announcement of the next closed beta and the upcoming release window provide hope that the game is making strides toward completion.

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Mark your calendars for the upcoming closed beta in August and don’t miss the opportunity to pre-order Skull & Bones to secure your place among the legendary pirates of the Indian Ocean. Get ready to set sail, command your crew, and become the feared scourge of the seas.

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