League of Legends Senna Skin’s Price Tag Leaves Gamers Sour


League of Legends Senna Skin price tag has left a lot of fans speechless, and it’s not a good sign for Riot.

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League of Legends is arguably one of the most famous team-based games out there with over 140 champions and 12 seasons. Riot Games, the video game developer and publisher, have never disappointed their gamers’ community by consistently pumping out new features, updates, and of course, skins.

The popularity of League of Legends seems to be at a small risk, however, as a leak about a new Senna skin is alleged to be priced at 18,000 RP. In dollars, that’s $130. If you think that’s too much, you’re not alone.

This price has received a general dissent from the community which could be bad news for Riot Games as not a lot of people will be willing to buy the skin. Here’s all we know about the latest League of Legends Senna Skin release in the game.

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League of Legends Senna Skin

For those who are not too familiar with League of Legends Senna, here’s a brief introduction to The Redeemer Senna.

She is one of the 11 champions with the ability to stack an effect infinitely. In the game, she was introduced into the story arc before she was made into a playable character, and she has definitely scored with the gaming community.

One of the most important features of a video game is the way a character looks. In other words, what skins the developer puts in the game is one of the deciding factors when it comes to popularity. Riot Games provide enough skins, however, so the community has always been excited about the title.

It is not enough to go have perfect mechanics while exploring Summoner’s Rift (a location in the video game where the magical energy is greatly concentrated), you must also look good while doing it.

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League of Legends Senna Skin Leak Suggests It Will be Priced High

Coming back to the topic at hand, Big Bad Bear, a dedicated League of Legends player and a trustworthy source of leaks, put out a tweet on March 7 2022 stating that a new Eclipse skin line was going to be released in the 12.8 patch of the game, and in this line is an LoL Senna Prestige Edition 2.0 skin will be included.

The initial reaction of the gaming community was excitement. However, it soon died out and even turned sour on seeing the price tag of this skin. The tweet stated the League of Legends Senna skin price to be 18.750 RP (Riot Points), or 25 capsules, worth $130 in real money.

It is clear that if Riot Games intend to go on with this price tag for the LoL Senna skin, they won’t receive a lot of support from the community. The majority of the gamers are simply disappointed that they will have to miss out on the new League of Legends Senna skin.

To discuss this issue of League of Legends Senna skin price, a thread was created on the Senna mains subreddit. One commenter commented this on the thread: “Thought the 18k was supposed to be 1.8k went from looking forward to another legendary to being one step closer to quitting for good.” Another commenter said this: “Good one RIOT really funny”

However, despite the overwhelming agreement of the community about the LoL Senna skin, there are still some players who argue that the 25 capsules, or $130, are not just for a single skin. The entire amount will buy players about 75 skins plus the Senna Prestige Edition skin.

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On top of this, they are likely to get the Mythic Essence (a currency in League of Legends that is used to unlock Mythic tier content in the Hextech Crafting set that was introduced in the 12.6 patch) plus more Mythic skins (specially designed skins).

So considering all this, $130 for the leaked League of Legends Senna skin might not be an unreasonable price after all. So they say.

Whichever side of the spectrum you chose to fall in, remember not to place all your trust in these leaks and rumors alone, but to wait for the official announcements about the League of Legends Senna skin.

We will update you with the new information as soon as it comes out, so keep following Gamevro.


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